Ford and Value Village Thrift Store Tour

Last week while in Toronto I had the opportunity to join some of my best bloggy gal pals for a super fun day of shopping with Value Village and Ford. I don’t typically go 1700 km to go on a shopping trip, but since I was in town, I had to take the chance to get my thrift on with this awesome group of ladies!

Value Village Thrift store tour

Left to right- Lucy from Craftberry Bush, Danilella from Lifeover Easy, Me, Kristen from Storefront Life, and Melissa from The Sweetest Escape.

We were so fortunate that Ford hooked us up with some fancy Ford Escapes to cruise around Toronto with.  Our plan was to hit as many Value Village Stores in a day to find some sweet deals for our blogs.

I love Value Village, there are so many treasures to be found, and a portion of the profits go back to charities in your area, win, win!

Look… Team Blue was getting left in our dust! Ha

On the road with Ford

The SUV’s were fully loaded which made getting around in the city super easy… especially for this non city gal.

Can you believe I actually drove in Toronto! It was kinda a direct route, but I’m going to give total credit to the LCD touch screen navigation system that got me where I needed to go. It was a really cool feature, it helped us choose the fastest, or shortest route, and instantly calculated the most fuel-efficient way.

Smart little car eh?!

Oh, did I mention I could do all this with my voice so I could keep my hands on wheel, or just the touch of a button when I was riding shotgun!


We found so many treasures at our first couple Value Village stops. It didn’t take long to stog the hatch of the Escape with all our goodies.

Fill up your Ford with Value Village Treasures

On our first Value Village stop Kristen found this for me…


I soo wish I could have brought it home, but since it weighed about 400 lbs. there was a good chance they weren’t going to take it on the plane. I had to leave her there, tear. 


We were so fortunate to have the Ford Escapes., there is no way we could have done this Thrift Store Tour without the cargo space! The 60/40 split made it easy to fold down one rear seat to give us additional space, and still let one blogger sit in the back, someone had to watch the goods. 

The Foot Activated Hands-Free Lift-gate was kinda rad too.  The person with the Escape key fob just had to give a gentle kicking motion under the centre of the rear bumper which unlocked and raised the lift-gate, no searching in your purse for keys when your hands are full of shopping bags!


It was so much fun shopping with other bloggers. Everyone had something specific we were hunting for, (mine was mainly things that could fit into my suitcase) we all kept an eye out for one another.

I shared some of the goodies I came home with earlier on Instagram, (Aluminum baking pans are the perfect travel companion!).


Check out how I put some of my treasures to good use…

Baking pan gallery wall from Fynes Designs

I’m in love with my baking pan gallery wall. It was easy to create and really inexpensive, most of the pans were only $1.99!

I hope you’ll visit tomorrow for my big kitchen makeover reveal!

I can’t express how great this day was. The Ford Escape was the perfect vehicle for our Value Village Thrift Store Tour, it has even made me think about upgrading my Ford Flex, so many features I think I can’t live without… like the push button start, the cross traffic Alert, Park Assist, and of course the LCD MyFord Touch screen, but for now I’ll just dream!

Ford Canada Blogger Thrift Store Tour

A BIG thanks to Ford Canada and Value Village for making this day so much fun for us, a thrift store tour we’re sure to never forget!!

What did you think of my Thrift Store finds?

What is the best thing you’ve found at a Thrift shop, how much did you pay for it?

Value Village blogger tour come check out our sweet finds and how we put them to use!

For other great finds, and upcycled projects visit my thrift store partners in crime-

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  1. So much fun! I’ve been collecting blue glassware for kitchen use and I found a great set of juice glasses during thrift shopping. Yay!

  2. Oh my god that sewing machine is to die for. I wonder if it works?? Too bad you had to leave it behind!

  3. I had SO much fun shopping with you! Man did we score some amazing finds!

  4. V you are a genius! I love your baking pan gallery wall so much that I’m running out today to find some for my kitchen walls! Looks like a super fun experience you had on your thrift tour!

  5. Okay, hi. I’m so jealous. I would LOVE to thrifting with you and that gang of fabulous bloggers! What fun!

  6. What a fabulous day! Great friends, super fun shopping, great buys and a stylish way to get around. I so enjoyed your reading your post too! Virginia, I truly admire your style and creativity!

  7. Looks like you and the girls had a blast. My latest and favourite find is a vase with funky 1976 glaze.

  8. That was such a fun day! We really did get some amazing stuff, and it was fun to see how everyone gravitated to different things. I love how your wall turned out!

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