Crop and Create Here I Come- plus a Scrapbooking Sign

Yayyy!! Today I’m leaving on a jet plane for Crop and Create Markham! I’m actually probably already there by the time you’re reading this, it was a really early flight.

This trip is part business and a whole lot of pleasure. This girlfriends trip was a gift from Mr. Fynes for my 30th birthday back in November, but since I’m going to be surrounded so many fantabulous crafty ladies I can’t help but share a little crafty juice with them too. I’ll be sharing a fun project from May Arts Ribbon.

You may be thinking that’s an awful long way to go to do a little scrapbooking, well yeah, but scrapbooking guru Ali Edwards will be in town and I’m so excited to be registered to take 3 of her classes. I can’t wait to share what we make.

Since I’m in the die hard, scrapbooking is my jam mode I just had to make a sign. (P.S., signs are my new wreaths, since getting my hands on a new scroll saw (more on that to come)).

Painted scrapbooking sign with scrolled script words

This is just a really quick post as I’m in mid bag packing. Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook to catch all the fun details of this fun packed scrapboking getaway.

Plus while you’re clicking around, slide over to the Scrapbook and Cards Today Blog where I’m sharing a fun tutorial for these fast and easy jar ruffles, you’ll never guess how I did it!

St. Patricks Day succulent in a mason Jar

I hope you have a great weekend, I’ll be back Tuesday with all the fun details of my weekend, and a fun promotion I can’t wait to share with you! Ciao.


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  1. Katrina Gallup says:

    I absolutely love this sign! I am on a hunt for a friends with a scroll saw 🙂 since I didn’t see it in time to enter to win, because I know I would have won 🙂
    Crop and Create is an Amazing event, love it!

    1. Katrina Gallup says:

      Sorry for the duplicate, computer was being dumb (or maybe the operator)

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