Halifax vs. Cody Simpson #UNOAnytime

Have you ever met a celebrity? Not me, I’ve had a few close encounters, but nothing in the flesh… until last week.

Cody Simpson in concert #UNO Anytime

Mattel games gave me the opportunity to take my nieces to meet Cody Simpson at the Metro Centre in Halifax!! It was incredible to give them this opportunity and see their excitement, not everyday you get a teen their dream introduction (I’m likely going down as coolest Aunt in the books).


Not only did we get to meet Cody Simpson but the girls had a pretty intense game of UNO with him too. Six other ladies who won a radio contest joined in on the game also.

Uno game with Cody Simpson #UNOAnytime

A few of the girls were first timers playing UNO and Cody gave them some expert pointers.

Cody Simpson #UNOAnytime

Cody has some mad UNO skills he has traveled all across Europe and Canada playing UNO with his fans… so you’d think he’d be the winner right?

Nope, Kelsey was the winner, she rocked that UNO game. Cody Simpson was stripped of the UNO Champion title, but we let him be the “wild” one!

Cody Simpson with his fans #UNOAnytime

Playing UNO on the road has been a great way to bring him and his fans together, by far his favourite game to play. You really can play UNO Anytime.


Cody was so relaxed during the game, he strummed a few cords and hummed a tune here and there, while all the girls were peeing their pants with excitement worked on their UNO strategy.  I just sat back and soaked up his dreamy Australian accent. 


Cody was so kind, he took the time to have lots of  photos with the girls after the UNO game, he was kind of a character when it came to getting a serious pose though!

See the glow in their face, they’ve been wearing it for the whole week since the concert!


The girls got  a few special UNO cards to remember the most memorable card game of their life! They felt pretty awesome telling all their friends how they got them backstage.


After the UNO card game we took in the amazing talent at the Big Ticket Summer Family concert. The screams at the Metro Centre were unreal when Cody hit the stage.

Cody Simpson #UNOAnytime

We had an amazing time playing UNO with Cody Simpson backstage, a card game we’re sure to never forget!

UNO is a great game for the whole family, when is the last time you played?



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  1. That looks like so much fun, Virginia! Our family LOVES Uno – even our littlest beaner likes to play!

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