There is a New Delta Faucet in Town

September 23rd, 2014 | Review

Have you ever bought something that you didn’t really need but just decided you’d splurge? Of course you have, everyone does that, but often I do that and then totally regret the decision in some way. Not this time folks- there is no regret here!!

We are the new proud owner/ operators of a shiny new Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology from Delta Faucets.

New Delta Touch H2O Faucet

I really wanted to splurge and get a new sink too, but after a hefty car repair bill I came to my senses and decided it would have to go on my wish list.

Being that we had a 4 hole sink I shopped Delta’s extensive collection of faucets, and decided on the Pilar collection. It suits my kitchen decor perfect and now we have not only a Touch2O® faucet but the fourth hole is a soap dispenser, which has really cleared the clutter from our counter.


I bet you’re wondering what I mean by Touch2O®?

It really means that the faucet is magic… or so my kids think!

The faucet can be turned on with just the touch of a finger, or elbow, chin, side of a pot, you name it!

You can touch the faucet or handle anywhere to activate the water, see the diagram below. But beware the most gentle touch will set the water flowing! I have to admit, I’ve startled myself a few times with an accidental touch, there was a day or two of adjustment to this new luxury faucet living!


This new Delta faucet has really simplified meal prep and clean up at our house. It is such a nice feature to have when you are up to your wrists in hamburger, just needing a quick sip of water, and I notice the most convenience when I’m rinsing dishes.

Going from a two handle set to this new Delta faucet is a real game changer, even Mr. Fynes is totally taken with it (which doesn’t happen very often).

I love this new guy, I think we’ll keep him! Now I just need to outfit my bathrooms with this technology, it would really resolve a lot of headache!

Stay tuned for a few more sneaks of our kitchen, the big reveal is right around the corner!

Disclosure: Delta Canada generously supplied this faucet for my kitchen makeover. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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  1. pclaforceC says:

    Sounds fantastic! We’ll have to look into the Delta faucets when we build our home next year!

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