Easy Buy Gift Guide- Mattel Holiday Toys

We are quickly getting getting down to gift buying crunch time, soon the Christmas Eve rush will be here and every man will decide it is finally time to hit the shops and find that perfect gift. Don’t get caught in the tear!

If you have little ones (or even little ones that think they are big ones), you probably already know and have met their desires. But if you’re a Grandma, Aunt, friend, or don’t have children in that age range you might still be scratching your head as what to buy the little ones on your list.

Never fear the Mattel Holiday Toys Gift Guide is here!

No matter what their age or interests, you’ll find a Mattel toy that is just right! Put imagination and endless possibilities under the tree with the hottest toys from Mattel.

Mattel Holiday Toys

Have you been in a toy store lately? The isles and isles, upon isles of toys can be so overwhelming (even for this mom).

The Mattel Holiday Toys site isn’t flooded with 100’s of toys, just about 30 toys for kids suited ages 6 months right up to teen (I even spied a board game or two that I would mind getting from Santa!). This site certainly helps you iron our what is cool these days from brands like Barbie, Thomas the Train, Monster High, Fisher Price, Hot Wheels, Boom Co., Disney, and more!

Not only will this gift guide show you the top 10 hottest toys of the season, it will help you find where the toys are available so you’re not running store to store trying to get your hands on it where it might already be sold out.

So what will be under our tree this year?

Mattel Holiday toys wishlist

  • 2014 Holiday Barbie™ Doll- A classic, I always wanted this when I was a girl. I hope Ruby will treasure her beauty as much as I did.

  • Barbie® Glam Camper™– Ruby loves, loves, loves camping, and barbies, mix the two together is a recipe for fun in epic proportions!

  • Pictionary® Frame Game™ (maybe mom wants this, just sayin’ if you’re reading Mr.Fynes)Pictonary is one of my fav games, and always has been. Add a cool frame- paperless version and I’m begging Santa for this new addition! 

  • Hot Wheels® Color Shifters® Flame Fighters- Boy’s love tracks and cars, my little guy has a need for speed!

  • BOOMco™ Rapid Madness™ Blaster (for the big boy who thinks he’s a little boy, Boys and their toys…enough said!

I can’t wait for Christmas morning, the children will be so excited to get their hands on these haute toys! We even picked up an extra one for a donation.

Please stop by to visit the Mattel Holiday Toys Site, You’ll be the coolest gift buyer on the block!

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