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April 9th, 2014 | Easter Decor, Family, Seasonal

I have a huge family, so holidays around here is a little bit of crazy town. How does one tame the mayhem? Come up with games and activities that are equally as crazy! Today I want to share how we spend our time together at Easter.

**However, these ideas are perfect for anytime of year, birthday parties, camping trips, sleepovers too!**

Really fun ideas perfect for everyone big or little (adults too!)

Dah Dah Da Da- The Easter Olympics- nothing wrong with a little friendly competition to round out a holiday! This is a compilation of the 6 funnest cheap party games you’ll ever witness, perfect for the Easter weekend. They are great for all ages and won’t cost you much time or money to put together.  The winner gets a haul of great Easter treats, this year there might just be a sweet Kinder Surprise for the gold medal team!

There is a lot of kids ranging in age from newborn to 17, the games need to be fun/ funny and appropriate for all ages. To keep things fair, the littlest (5 and under) get their own revised version of the games, and the older kids get teamed up in pairs- one big kid, one little kid.

Egg Hunt Race-  A spin on the traditional Easter Egg Hunt- Eggs are hid over a large area, the teams line up on the starting line when the whistle blows, one player runs to find an egg, but are only allowed to grab one at a time, then run back to the starting point where they tag their partner. The partner then finds one egg, and the switching continues until all eggs are found. Each egg found is worth 1 point.

Supplies- Plastic filler eggs, baskets or bags for collecting.

Egg hunt race

Cheesy Toss– This is game is fun but a little messy, best done outside. One member of each team wears a shower cap covered in shaving cream. The other teammate gets to throw cheesies at their head. The more cheesies to stick to their cap the better. Each cheesy stuck is worth one point, all teams gets a cup with the same amount of cheesies in it.

Supplies- Shower caps, shaving cream, large bag of cheeses.

Cheesy Toss party game

Ballon Push-  This game was a bit of a work in progress. It started out as blowing the balloons with a straw but it was too hard to keep them in their own lane, so it switched to pushing them with their heads. Each team gets a balloon, one person has to push the ballon down the lane using only their head, when they reach the end the other person has to push it back. Points earned according to the place finished. First done 6 points, second 5 points etc.

Supplies- Balloons, Masking or painters tape for making lanes.

Balloon push game #partygames #easter #kidsgames

Liquorice Dangle- This game will be a crowd pleaser, the kids get a tasty snack while competing! Dangle shoe lace licorice from a pole. The team who can eat the licorice the fastest without using their hands, wins. Can also be done with doughnuts. Points earned according to the place finished.

Supplies- a long pole (a boom handle works fine), yarn, string licorice.

Ping Pong Flop- This will possibly be the funniest game you’ll ever witness, have your camera ready! Each player will get a cracker box with a hole cut in it strapped to their back. Inside the box will be 2 ping pong balls. The first player to bounce the ping pong balls out of the hole wins. Points earned according to the place finished. Note- Cut the hole a bit smaller to make the game last longer… and get more laughs! This one is perfect for the adults to try too!

licorice eating contest

Supplies- Cracker boxes, ribbon for tying to waist, ping pong balls.

Ping Pong Flop- THe funniest game you will ever witness, perfect for all ages #party #kidsgames #partygames

Bouncy Ball Toss This game takes a bit for everyone to have a turn so I’d suggest leaving it until the last. Line up bowls of varying sizes each with a point value. Teams toss bouncy balls one at a time trying to get them to stay in the bowl. Each ball that stays in a bowl get the point value of the bowl.

Supplies- Kitchen bowls, paper and marker for points, bouncy balls.

Bouncy Ball Toss- cheap party games

Candy guessing game– Each Player gets a paper and pen, they must close their eyes while the judge places a candy in their mouth. They must guess the candy and write down what they think it is. For each right guess they receive a point.

We use a piece of bristol board to keep track of the score.

Easter Olympics score board

The gold medal winner receives a special Easter treat surprise!

Thanks for reading about our Easter tradition! I hope you’ll have an Easter Olympics competition of your own!

Fun Games to play over the Easter holiday

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