Coral Painted Dresser Makeover

Oh Em Ghee, can you believe my mother let me do this? NEVER in a million years did I think she would say yes when I suggested painting her dresser coral!

I nearly fell over, then I ran to the hardware store to get the paint as fast as I could, before she changed her mind. She needed a coral painted dresser, and I was just the lady for the job (plus I’m free, she had no choice).

fresh coat of Smoked Salmon coal paint to update this old dresser

Look what I started with, the dresser was in great shape, just verrry dated. It needed a little Virginia TLC.

old dresser given a fresh new life

I chose Smoked Salmon (PPG1189-5 | 131-5) from Pittsburg Paints Voice of Color collection in an interior Semi-gloss latex. It took one coat of primer and two coats of paint, which I managed to do in a day. Amazing what I can accomplish when my mom is wrangling the kiddos.


Can you believe this dresser has 20 pulls on it! We went with the cheapest ones the hardware store had (and since I had the idea and did it all in one day, there was no time for shopping around). In hind sight I probably should have spray painted the old ones.

Fresh coat of paint #voiceofcolor

I love the Smoked Salmon with the Blue Violet (147-6) my mom chose, it’s almost refreshing to see it Coral not paired with mint (don’t get me wrong I love that combo, but is getting to be what everyone expects).

Dresser Before and After

I’m really happy how this coral painted dresser turned out, it really gave this bedroom a new breath of life.

fresh coat of Smoked Salmon coal paint to update this old dresser

What do you think of the blue and coral color combination? Would you have the guts to paint a piece of furniture a bold color?

Big Thanks to these blogs for featuring this project- Stipes and Polkadots Blog

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  1. Beautiful! What did you do to prep before you painted?

  2. I absolutely love this Virginia – it looks awesome!!

  3. Roz Kelly says:

    Virginia, I LOVE this colour combo! I have a couple of old dressers that need a make-over….you’ve inspired me! (Unless of course, you’d like to come do mine as well! lol)

    1. I’ll do an even trade, you come clean my house and I’ll do some painting for you! I think you might get the worst end of that deal! ha ha

  4. It looks awesome Virginia. Love the Market Street prints on the opposite wall!

  5. I love it! I would never have thought of coral for a dresser. Now I am eyeing up my dresser….. Great job!

    1. Thanks Shannon! I constantly have that wondering eye, nothing is safe from my brush!

  6. Gorgeous! I have wanted to paint my old white dresser for a while now, but am scared that I will ruin it. My question is the same as Megan’s – what did you do for prep before painting? I always imagine horror stories with stripping paint and sanding, etc. That’s why I’ve been hesitate to try to redo.

    1. No horror stories here! I used B-I-N for the primer coat. You just paint it on, and it adheres to any surface, plus only takes an hour to dry! Then you just paint your color on. Works like a charm. I would recommend each layer of paint have a good amount of curing time though, before you do another coat.

  7. I love the color coral. The dresser looks great!

  8. Love it! It turned out so beautiful and the color is perfect!

  9. OH MY WORD! I love this…..makes me want to get a hold of my dresser…….or any dresser for that matter! lol

  10. What a STUNNING makeover!!! P.s. you are a genius for putting coral in front of that wall–looks so fantastic!

    Thanks for linking up to our Betwitchin Party! Be sure to come back every Sunday starting at 6am EST over at OurMiniFamily.com to link up your projects again!

    ~Cathy Mini~

  11. I absolutely love this!! Coral is such a pretty color.
    Thanks for linking up at the Bewitchin’ Projects Blog Party!

  12. Your beautiful dresser makeover is being featured today on, Your Designs This Time! I hope to see you at the party today. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  13. I love the color! We are looking to paint a similar looking dresser a coral color for our daughters’ shared bedroom. What a difference!

    1. It really added an awesome pop of color to the room! Thanks for dropping in!

  14. Hi Virginia,

    Wow, the color is beautiful! You did an amazing job with the paint. Did you use a to foam roller to apply the primer and the paint? Did you sand it at all in between coats & if so what grade of sandpaper? Did you use a paint brush at all? It looks perfect with no brush strokes etc. Amazing job!

    1. Hey Marissa, I didn’t do any sanding! I just used BIN primer and then painted 2 coats. The key is to let it dry a few days before you use the piece so it has plenty of time to cure. Good luck!

  15. Rose Rivera says:

    So beautiful, my daughter wants me to paint her antique vanity, it has burned marks from my previous daughter leaving her curling iron on it. Not too bad but I was thinking I need to sand it. If I use the B I N primer, do you think it will cover that without sanding?
    I want to paint it so badly but I’m chicken.

    1. BIN is amazing, but its an oil paint so a bit messy. You won’t have to sand at all, unless of course the wood is rippled from the burn marks, then you might want to just to make that go away. Be bold, you can do it!! I’d love to see the before and after!

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