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Day #10- Twig and Pinecone Wreath- 12 Days of Door Decor

HI!  Up on the Door today I have a Twig and Pinecone wreath. I LOVE this natural wreath. Now it may seem to the eye that I have used a grapevine wreath.  But I actually made this twig wreath myself!!  In hindsight I probably should have sprung for the $4.99 version and saved myself the time (about 1 hour to make the twig wreath, plus cutting the twigs) but who doesn’t love the feeling when they create something that they could have bought??  Plus, this wreath cost me about $2.00 to make (.75cent ring and Dollar store berries). Feast your eyes on this:

Handmade twig and pinecone wreath


When I set out in my twig wreath making adventure I honestly didn’t think it would pan out so I didn’t take any photos. I can tell you that I started with a wire ring, cut alder twigs about 2′ length, and just intertwined them around the ring until it was as full as desired. The trick to the twig wreath is to cut the twigs and immediately make the wreath, when the twigs are still bendy. Then attach a piece of craft wire to the end of the pinecones and attached them to the lower side of the ring (which I didn’t make as full with twigs). Hope you can follow along if your heart desires. Thanks for stopping by today, see you tomorrow for one of my favorites.


Miss the Big Bell tutorial yesterday?

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