Sit Stand Desk: A Guide To Desktops That Look Great

Sit stand desks are a hot trend in the workplace, but they aren’t very nice-looking. An attractive desktop for your standing desk can make the world of difference.  Here’s a guide on how to give a sit-stand desk a designer look.

Sit stand desk in a modern office workspace designed by Fynes Designs

What is a Sit Stand Desk?

A standing desk or sit-stand desk is one that can adjust up and down so you have the option to either sit or stand during your workday. There are manually height-adjustable desks or electric standing desks where with a push of a button your workstation rises to your ideal standing position.  To learn more about the benefits of using this type of desk you can read about it here.

How Do You Get A Standing Desk That Looks Great?

There are a variety of standing desk frames to choose from. Manual, electronic, and desk converters with multiple height ranges for the best fit. 

Sit stand desk in a modern office workspace designed by Fynes Designs

Designing an Attractive Standing Desk

Designing an attractive office where you feel not only inspired to do your best work, but feel comfortable too, shouldn’t be a daunting task. First, access your space and make a list of your needs. Consider what works and doesn’t about your current situation. Look at the storage necessary, and how you like to work surface to function. Pinterest is an incredible source of inspiration when it comes to the vibe you’re trying to achieve. 

Create a luxury office setting with a custom sit stand desk

Step 1: Choose a Sit Stand Desk Frame

There are many places to buy stand-up desks. I personally use an electronic programable standing desk frame. You can also get a standing desk converter that sits on your existing desk to adjust your computer to different heights and make your workspace more comfortable. 

Step 2: Sourcing Desktop Material

Purchasing an adjustable standing desk frame with a desktop included is certainly an option. However, most are unattractive and look like you brought it home from your college dorm room. 

Finding an attractive material to construct a desktop from, will enhance your workspace regardless of whether you work from home or in a public office setting. Below are my favourite desktop materials for sit-stand desks.

Landscape Painting by Virginia of Fynes Designs

Laminate Desktop- 

There is a wide range of laminate options, you are sure to find a colour, pattern and even a bit of texture to coordinate with your office decor. Formica has a variety of laminate surfaces that would be ideal desktop material. Laminate is wear and impact-resistant, is relatively affordable and can be as short or up to 10′ long with no seams. To have your surface finished on both edges you’ll need to order a bar top. 

Solid Surface-

If you want a desktop that performs like a workhorse solid surface is your go-to material. A durable, non-porous surface that is appropriate for every setting, solid surface is sure to give your desk the high-end look you’re after. Mimicking many natural stones but offering the warmth you can’t get from a stone, solid surface makes an attractive option. Everform™ Solid Surface can be shaped into any design, offering you the ability to have a truly custom standing desk.  With many modern colours and patterns to choose from you can construct a desktop to suit the mood of any home office or workplace. 

Sit stand desk in a modern office workspace designed by Fynes Designs
Formica Everform Solid Surface desktop material

Solid Wood Desktops-

A desktop made of wood is sure to add warmth and a degree of class to your office space. However, a professionally finished wood desktop is the most expensive of all desktop materials and easily susceptible to dents, scratches, and stains. Alternatively, there are bamboo desktops available that could substitute for wood if you don’t have the budget for the real thing. 

Solid wood stand desk desktop

Step 3: Decide your Ideal Desktop Size for a Sit Stand Desk

The bonus of many sit stand desks is that the legs are not only adjustable for standing but for width as well, so you can accommodate a large work area or a small space. This allows you to dictate how your desk will work best for your space, work load and body. Most materials are not limiting to the width your desk can be but as mentioned above a Solid Surface top will allow you to have a desk surface in any depth as well without sightly seams.  Be sure to check the specifications for your particular base for the recommended weight limits. 

Hardwood top on a sit stand desk designed by Fynes Designs

Step 4: Attaching The Desktop to a Sit Stand Desk Frame

Attaching the desktop is the easiest step of all. If you can operate a drill, I’m confident you can master this step. All the desktop materials mentioned above will have a wood surface on the underside you will be able to drill into with screws to securely attach the top to the frame. 

Sit stand desks can be attractive with a solid surface custom desktop

Sit Stand Desk Accessories

When planning your workspace you will want to carefully consider how you want your desk to function. Where a standing desk is open on all sides think about where the monitor will sit so you can request a hole drilled in the surface for your cords. Cable management will also need to be taken into consideration depending on your technology set up. Some desks come with a cord basket that attaches to the underside of the desk to wrangle the cords. I personally have a power strip attached to one of the legs to keep the cords tidy, then just the single cord to the outlet.  A keyboard tray is another accessory that may help with the ergonomics of your workspace.

Designing a attractive office with a sit stand desk tips from designer Virginia Fynes

Sit Stand Desks are a fantastic edition to any modern workspace. Your body will thank you and your well thought out office space will have the designer look you deserve!

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