7 Must Have Weight Watchers Tools for Beginners

Getting started on a new healthy eating plan can be overwhelming. I’ve put together list list of must have Weight Watchers tools for beginners to get you started on the right foot.

7 Must have Weight Watchers tools for Beginners | Weight Watchers Tools by popular Canada lifestyle blog, Fynes Designs: Pinterest image of a notepad and white pen.

Watch this video to get a snap shot of my must have tools:

Of course the best tool to succeed on Weight Watchers is the My WW app. I assume if you’re starting your WW journey you’ve signed up and downloaded the app.

Below are my favourite Weight Watchers Tools for Beginners

Scale and Fabric Tape Measure

Setting goals and weekly weigh-ins are very important when it comes to your journey. Set a day and time each week to hop on the scale. At the beginning of your journey, it’s a great idea to take a photo and measure key areas of your body with a fabric tape measure to see improvement when the scale doesn’t seem to be budging. The scale doesn’t need to be fancy, The Best Bathroom Scale:

Measuring Scoops

Owning a restaurant taught me about how measuring scoops could be a valuable Weight Watchers tool. Portion control is very important in the restaurant industry as well as vital to seeing the scale go down. Scoops make getting an accurate portion and make dipping up a breeze! Think yogurt, peanut butter, dessert, baking mixes (like muffins), mixed salads etc. Different colour handles represent the size, if they are unmarked, use a little nail poilsh to mark them.

My Favourite Scoop Sizes:

Water Bottle

Drinking water is a must to succeed on WW (I’m sure that isn’t shocking information). But having a few water bottles you actually enjoy drinking from can make or break the deal. Ask yourself these questions to be sure you’ll want to hydrate:

  • What temperature do you like your water? Ice Cold, I’d suggest a hydro flask. Room temperature- Plastic will do.
  • Does it need to fit in the car cup holder?
  • Do you like drinking from a straw?
  • Do you need to actually see in the bottle to monitor how much you’ve got down?
  • Will you be taking it in your purse, gym bag?

My Favourite Water Bottles:


You could say sweetener falls into food and not tool, but I disagree. There is sugar in a lot of foods you’re likely used to consuming. While I’m not sold on artificial sweeteners, I do use Stevia and Monkfruit which are both derived from natural ingredients. Sugar is one of the things that drives up points in food, so having it on hand right from the start can help you curb your sweet tooth and make dishes and drinks tasty with no added points!

My Favourite Sweeteners:

Food Scale

A food scale is another important weight watchers tool for portioning. It is surprising at first how much an actual serving of meat is! Keep your food scale close by for the first couple weeks until you get a good handle on accurate serving size. I often come back to it when I’ve had a bad week, or don’t see the results on the scale I’d hope for. It is a good tool to help you reset. Look for a food scale that can easily switch between units,

My Favourite Food Scales:


You have the Weight Watchers App what more could you need? Let me tell you, friend, there will come a day when you’re no longer have an app. I have faith that you can become a lifetime member and won’t have to miss out, buuuut… Keeping a paper record of a few things can be amazing when you’re struggling for a meal idea, a friend asks you your favourites, or you need a reset and want to get back to the basics. Jot down a few things in point form, for instance, your favourite breakfast and their points, weigh-in record, triggers, goals, ideas you see online. The list could go on, having a hard copy when you sign out of WW is an awesome tool!

My Favourite Weight Watchers Note Book:


Hold the phone, snacks are a tool? You better your bottom they are! Keeping satisfied is one of the hardest mind shifts to make when improving your health. Having a well-stocked pantry with essentials is the best tool I can suggest to keep you on track. Let’s be real here if we weren’t snackers you’d likely not be needing WW in the first place.


Must Have Weight Watchers Snacks:

A list of Weight Watchers tools for beginners to the My WW smart points program. |Weight Watchers Tools by popular Canada lifestyle blog, Fynes Designs: Pinterest image of a coral colored notebook and white pen next to a white dish holding gold paper clips in it.

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Have you used any of these Weight Watchers tools? Let me know in a comment below!

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