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Lucky Gold Horseshoe Sign

Since the first of the year I’ve been spending a lot of time in the wood room. Cutting, glueing, nailing and creating all kinds of awesome (check out my instagram you’ll see what I’m talking about!). Today I have one of my new favourite signs to share, a Lucky Gold Horseshoe Sign.

Lucky Gold horseshoe sign

I thought this was quite fitting to share this little painted sign being March and all the luck floating around, and St. Patrick’s Day in only a few days.

Lucky Gold horseshoe sign

I found inspiration for this Lucky Gold Horseshoe Sign from a wedding suite I seen on Instagram from Events In The City (you have to check out all their beautiful weddings and events). The colors were beautiful and I had some horseshoes lying around from when I created a Lucky Pallet Sign and an Irish Clover Sign a while back.

St. Patrick's day inspiration

Isn’t the place setting so pretty?! I loved the idea of using a banner on my sign, but didn’t think a paper or ribbon one would quite work with the dimension and weight of the horseshoe. So I cut one out with my handy dandy scroll saw.

The banner is made up of 5 different banners layered on top of one another. I filled in the edges with filler and applied a coat of paint.

Lucky Gold horseshoe sign- banner made with multiple layers of hardboard

I cut out the ‘lucky’ using the Silhouette and gold vinyl. It looks much neater than if I had tried to paint it.

Lucky Gold horseshoe sign

I’m in love with my new Lucky Gold Horseshoe Sign, a pretty little St. Pat’s decoration that will last throughout the seasons. Plus give you a reminder to be thankful for all the lucky little things in your life! Why do you feel lucky?

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Lucky horseshoe painted sign



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  1. Good Morning, Virginia
    You’re sign is lovely, but shouldn’t the horseshoe be turned with the open side up, so the luck doesn’t run out?
    Have a great day.
    Carol (from B.C.)

    1. Ha, thats a good Point Carol! I’ll have to remember that for next time, thanks for pointing that out!

  2. I love this, Virginia! As a former horse-girl, this sings to my heart!

    I want a scroll saw.

    Is that banner just pieces of wood cut and glued together?

    1. Yes, just cut and glued together, I love the dimension it adds!

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