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Craft Room Reveal

Fynes Designs Craft Room Reveal

Today is the day!! I’ve been waiting 6 long months to share my dream CRAFT ROOM with you! I spent so much time planning (check out my pinboard), building, painting, and creating, I am ready to rest and reveal what you’ve all been waiting for… the best craft room on the east coast (in my humble opinion)! Insert drum roll heeeere…

Beautiful craft room workspace

I had so much fun creating this space from the ground up. I gave my old desk a coat of paint and added the salvaged cabinet doors to the shelf on the end.


The sewing table I picked up at an army surplus store for $30, she how ugly it was here. The old VHS stand was given a little modification and turned into a ribbon storage rack.  I am so glad I could put the ironing board close to the sewing machine, it used to be an obstacle course to get to it.

Sewing station gallery wall by Fynes Designs.com

You may recognize the EmbrioderyPrintablesScissors and Nail Art from Cheap Art Week.


I downsized my pegboard wall, but maximized the space by using small wooden crates and clips so items could be stacked.

Craft room peg board storage from Fynes Designs.com

I love my Frugal Memo Board , I can poke, magnet or clip just about anything to it! The killer craft room workbench has great storage, it’s so functional. The lamp shade is the only full price item in the room ($16).


This collection from MME was the starting point for my color scheme, just so happens that I found paint in the mistints that coordinated.

Clipboards embellished to hold photos from Fynes Designs.com

 The rolling craft room storage cart is repurposed from an old record player cabinet that was living in my moms attic.

Rolling craft supply storage cart by Fynes DesignsThe dress form I scored at a shop that was no longer selling clothes for $30!



I love that this craft room is so functional, there is a place for everything, and a surface to do everything on.Thanks for stopping by, please follow along to check out what’s inside those drawers, cabinets and gather some more craft room ideas! I try not to beg for pins but I would really appricate it you would consider pinning my craft room reveal.  I’ve worked so hard on this project I want everyone to be able to enjoy it.


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  1. Love, love, love it!!! Well done!

  2. It’s awesome! So colourful and a place for everything – happy crafting!!

  3. I sat at my desk and scrolled through your photos with awe. What a beautiful work space! Congratulations on a job VERY well done!

  4. And just how long do you expect that beautiful, neat and orderly craft room to stay in that pristine condition? Please post another picture in another month!

    1. I don’t expect long, especially if my kids have anything to do with it!

  5. Hazel from Sunny SA says:

    It is great!! I love the way you repurposed what you had. It all looks brand, spanking neat and SO organized!

  6. Virginia. Wow. You are so talented, I am green with envy! This craft room is absolutely stunning. It’s obvious that you are doing what you LOVE. Kudos!

  7. Julie-Ann says:

    WOW! That’s all… just WOW!

  8. Lyndsay Tupper says:

    Awesome room Virginia! The pictures look as great as the room does in person.

  9. Have the Children seen it yet? Bet they are awestruck !

  10. Oh man, you have no idea how much I need a room like this. And how much I LOVE that work bench!!! Great job!

    1. Thanks, I’m so happy with the room, certainly my favorite!

  11. It turned out beautiful! I’m finishing up my craft room make-over so I understand the time and effort involved! Found you from Nifty Thrifty Things!

  12. Awwww I’m in love with your craft room!… I want everything you have in there!!! ALL OF IT!!!!! please share this on my Link Party today and I have a Pin Hop on Thursdays if you are into it =P

    Hope you are having a lovely day

    Cami @ TitiCrafty by Camila

  13. Oh, wow–that’s incredible! I think I’d get around to doing crafts a lot more often if I had a room like that. My favorite part is the area above the sewing desk…so much fun stuff, and so organized and useful, too.

  14. Lucky you!! I’m so jealous of this space! It’s perfection!


  15. Well done! Your craft room is absolutely gorgeous, you’ve thought of everything and executed it perfectly.

  16. OMG I am so jealous! This is an amazing, beautiful space! I can’t even pick my favorite part, it’s all so beautiful. Love it!

  17. It is so well put together! Stunning! You must have put SO MUCH work into it. I love it 🙂

    1. so much work indeed, but it really paid off because it is so functional and pretty 🙂 Thanks!

  18. It is fabulous! So many great colors! I love it!

  19. Hi Virginia, I found you over at The DIY Showoff. Congrats on your feature, you so deserved it! I love your craft room! Everything is so neat and tidy, with a place for everything and everything in its place. 🙂 Love the color scheme and the fact that it’s all so functional. Well done! I’m pinning this one!


    1. THanks Debbie, I didn’t know about the feature, thanks for letting me know!!

  20. Del Marie Riley says:

    Wow wow wow. Love (want) your craft room. Came over from MME Blog. You’re featured in today’s post.

  21. Anne Girard says:

    Love your room. My own room is also my library and books and papers compete like typical siblings for attention. My room isnot nearly so organized and lovely as yours. An inspiration to get started! got here form Canadian Scrapbooker.

  22. Just popped in from Canadian scrapbooker link. Wow your room is gorgeous, so light and airy yet with enough color to give it such personality. Beautiful. Keep smiling and creating, Thanks for sharing.
    PS I had a good look at your blog. You are so talented. Just full of inspirational things.

  23. I found your blog and this post via Pinterest and am in love!! Gorgeous. I just love that everything is repurposed. You did such a fabulous job. I pinned a few of your images, because this is very much what I hope that my craft room will look like one day.

  24. What a great space to create! I like the fun colours and it looks so very well organized! I have this linked to my craft rooms post too today, for inspiration!

  25. I feel like crying this room is such a thing of beauty!! You must be so thrilled. I know I would be!

    1. Thanks Julie. I feel like crying sometimes when I see how messy it gets!

  26. I knew as soon as I saw your kitchen, I just had to see your craft room…and it’s every bit as gorgeous as I imagined! Fantastic!

  27. I loved your picture of the organized peg board! What types of “containers” did you use to store stamps, etc.?

    1. I plastic containers are from Stampin’ up. I sent you a PM!

  28. Christina says:

    It’s beautiful!
    I have one question, though—where do you keep all your fabric or yarn?! Do you have a separate room just for that?

    1. I do have a bin in a seperate room of “someday fabric” but the stuff I use most often is on the pegboard and in the wooden crates. My yarn is also in one of the wooden crates! Thanks for stopping by!

  29. It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Where did you get the small wooden crates on your pegboard?

    1. THanks, the small crates were from a local bargain store. They came with candle sticks in them, I hope you can find something similar!

  30. What are the things you stored your wooden stamps in?

    1. Linda the plastic containers the stamps are in come from Stampin Up. When you purchase a wood set that is what they come in.

  31. I love your craft room. It is so pretty and colorful. You amaze me at well you can transform furniture pieces to fit your needs. I was wondering if you could tell me what size your room is? I am going to try and redo my sewing room but I think my room might be a little smaller than what you have. I am going to try and find an old VCR tape cabinet. I think your ribbon storage is out of this world!!!

    1. THanks Laura, I’m not sure of the exact room size, sorry. The ribbon storage has been really appropriate over the past few years.

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