Craft Room Organizing Ideas

Thanks for all your lovely comments last week about my beautifully bright Craft Room. You guys are awesome! Today I’m sharing some more details about the craft room nitty gritty. I want to show you how I put those thrift store finds to good use. (P.S. this is a picture heavy post).


 Lets start with the pegboard. I love having everything in my reach from my chair, having it visible makes me actually use what I have!



I used pegboard hooks to hang the larger tools, a screwdriver rack to hold my scissors, the handle stamp storage I found at my moms. wood-crate-storage.jpg.jpgI picked up these small crates for 99¢ each, they hold so much, and easily rest on two long pegboard arms.

craft-room-storgaeI like to keep my desktop clean of clutter  slightly organized so when I want to switch from paper crafts to sewing everything has a home.


The cupboard doors which I salvaged from my sisters kitchen reno, house my past scrapbooks. On the edge of the desk you can see there is a tiny gap which is great for storing bristol board, foam core, etc.


The drawers of my desk are home to ink pads, stamps that I don’t use as often, hardware, paper cutters etc.


My favorite organizers are these old school Tupperware dishes. The orange and red are actually called ‘Tuppercraft’ from the 80’s, I love that I can just slap the cover on and take on the road. The green one is a bread box, for sewing notions.


The baskets on the end shelf hold paint, books, and a basket of kid craft items, (they have their own craft desk, but insist on helping me too).

Record-cart-to-craft-storageThe record player turned craft room storage is the perfect solution for supplies. I added a backboard and a strip along the front, removed the metallic trim and glass door, and gave it a much need coat of paint. It can be wheeled closer to the desk when I want my paper in reach.


At the sewing table I also have a pegboard, it is an old picture frame with pegboard inside (screwed to the wall for stability).


fabric-storageI store fabric with binder clips for easy access, again so I remember I have it!


The cake stand hold a variety of notions, buttons in the cookie jar, binding tape in the berry box, and a little space for pins and gauges. The mason jar holds May Arts flowers.

ribbon-storage-idea-fynes-designsNext to my sewing table is my ribbon storage rack . Check out the details of that DIY. 

The Craft Room Workbench  is home to all my heavy tools. The Frugal Memo Board holds my Cricut and Cinch tools plus all my little snippets. 

The yellow basket from a yard sale wasn’t good to hold much, but gives my knitting needles a much-needed lift. 
The workbench drawers hold all the accessories for each tool- dies, cutting mats, cartridges, vinyl, and binding rings.

yarn-basketsThe crates hold yarn, yardage of fabric, mini albums, envelopes, and items I find on clearance for future projects.

There you have it, all my ideas for craft room organization. Have any suggestions to make it better? What is your best idea for storage?



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  1. Great ideas! I shared with my home organizing clients and on social media. =)

  2. justasiam says:

    Love the craft room reveal. I am curious where you purchased the white three drawer unit that is sitting on your revamped record player cupboard (I have one of these that I was going to throw out, but you gave me a great idea of what to do with it!). Would you mind sharing?

    1. I picked that up at HomeSence, but I’ve seen the same ones at Michaels too. Thanks!

  3. Mary McLean says:

    The green Tupperware organizer is really is Tupperware celery storage container … It should have Tupperware stamped on the bottom… The red organizer is used in its proper way, LOL! great tips, TY

  4. Great peg board use! I have a client who needs to see the way you use it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Helen, I’m so gald you can use the idea, it really is quite handy to have everything visible!

  5. Diana Coombs says:

    Great storage ideas. I love to repurpose items.

  6. Hi! I love your craft room! I was wondering where you picked up those small crates that you have on the peg boards? They are adorable!

    1. Hey Lara, I actually picked them up at a local shop, but I think they were crates that something came in, like candles perhaps. They aren’t very good construction but they do the trick! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hi!! I love your peg boards! I wondered where/ how you are keeping the thread on the peg board? My husband is getting one ready for me right now 😉 Thanks!

  8. What a great crafts space! I love your pegboard. It stores so much. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to locate it in here in Israel – yet! Is yours the traditional wood, compressed and glued cardboard, plastic or metal? Framing the pegboard really looks wonderful. I plan to hang my ergonomic rotary cutters and scissors there too!

    1. Janice what I used was compressed particle board, the pegboard has been so functional!

  9. Your craft room looks fabulous, can you explain how you were able to hang your stamp sets on the pegboard? I tried it with small binder clips, but it wasn’t strong enough to hold onto the small lip of the side of the box.

    1. Hi Emili, I didn’t have much trouble, the binder clips are the second size up (not the smallest) they are just big enough to get under the lip on the back side. Hope it works out for you

      1. I’ll try that, thank you for your response!

  10. Lesley Brough says:

    I don’t have any wall space as my husband shares the room and 2 wall are covered with his vinyl record collection. I am now going to go to a car boot fair and see if I can find any cupboards that I can add wheels to and make some movable storage.
    Thanks for all the ideas I really needed some help with storage. UK

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