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Sweet Pastel Wood Veneer Spring Banner

 The weather around here has finally taken a turn, I think its officially spring! Unfortunately our house is still freezing so we still have the wood stove burning, and the bugs are here already… but its Spring- I’ll take it!

I know it’s a bit late to share this wood veneer spring banner, (in most normal regions its been Spring for a month or so now) but since Mother Nature decided to keep us waiting, I put this on the back burner too.

Michaels Wood Veneer Spring Banner

Have you seen the amazing selection of wood veneer at Michaels? They have letters, doilies, frames, assorted shapes, photo props, the list goes on… it fills a whole isle! If you haven’t been in store for a while, check out this little video from CraftSponge, these gals show it all.

Anywho… this little banner was so easy to make! So easy, I thought it didn’t need a lengthy tutorial, but I’ll share with you the rough gist how I created it.

Easy Wood Veneer Spring Banner

I purchased the shapes I liked. Using acrylic paint, paint the wood veneer with a palette of spring appropriate colors.  Use wood or hot glue to hold the layers together. Thread the pennants onto ribbon, and add embellishments if you desire.

Use wood glue to glue wood Veneer shapes together to create a sweet spring banner

I added tulle flowers, similar to the ones I added on my recent gift card design. Plus added a satin May Arts Ribbon bow to the ends. Ties the whole thing together quite nicely!

Add a banner to a door frame with a command hook

I usually make a banner or garland for each holiday to hang in my living room doorway, its the first thing you see when you walk in my house. You may remember this same doorway with a wood slice garland too.

You want to know a secret? I messed and fussed with inconspicuous ways to hang the garlands for a long time until I came up with this ultra easy solution…

It can stay there year round. It's clear so no one will see it

I have small command hooks that stay on my door frame year round. When I don’t have a banner hanging they aren’t visible because the hooks are clear and have a low profile (there is also one in the centre of the door frame if I’m doing a drooping number)… I know, so easy!

Thanks for dropping in to see my new spring banner, I hope you can use my Command Hook idea, I love those things! xo

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  1. Love the banner! It looks even awesome-er in person.

  2. Beautiful banner, and the Command hook trick is perfect! By placing it on the top of the doorframe, you can’t see it even if there is no banner!

  3. This is so delightful Virginia! I love this project. Actually I love all of your projects and look forward to see what you create next. This Spring banner and every other one is so simple but so stunning. You are so talented. Thank your for sharing and inspiring. Pinning!

  4. Your banner is gorgeous and so perfect for spring 🙂 The clear hook is genius, am really curious now about trying it out – the website says it can hold up to 2lbs!

    1. The hooks are great, I use them for everything. Plus when you’re done they come off without damage.

    2. Those hooks come in a variety of weigh bearing sizes

  5. Well then, that is a way better idea than me using my clear thumbtacks which have left so many holes to fill in the top of our door frames. Beautiful banner too!

  6. So lovely, Virginia! I love the combination of the colours and the ribbon. I slap a command hook on nearly everything when I’m doing holiday decorating too – Otherwise I’d have holes in every wall!

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