Vintage Locker Console Table

June 7th, 2017 | Home Decor, Paint

I’ve been on a mad redecorating binge. One of those you start with a tiny space and it spills over into an entire level of your house. One little furniture project led to another, which led to painting a wall, which led to a new rug… if you give a mouse a cookie situation.  This Vintage Locker Console Table actually got the decorating ball rolling.  Once I found the lockers and devised a plan to use them, all my other ideas just came a flowing. It really helps that my cousin Justin is on the same creative page as me. He understands my gibberish, can read a measurement from a hand gesture, and can lay a mean weld. Let me show you…

Vintage Locker Console Table

Pretty awesome eh?!

Lets have a look at what the vintage lockers looked like when I found them…

Trash to treasure- vintage locker console table

When I came across the lockers, my initial idea was to cut them down, turn it sideways and throw on some legs. But nope. Justin outdid himself and went to the work of cutting the lockers apart so they would work properly.  God bless Justins vision, because I love how the Vintage Locker Console Table turned out!!

Vintage Locker Console Table project

This stage is where I came back into the picture. I knew I wanted a bright pop of color and had to maintain the locker numbers, and chrome handles. I taped off all original bits. Painful taping job, but glad I did in the end.  Really adds charm to the overall look! I just couldn’t get rid of the lock either!

Painted Vintage Lockers

The vibrant yellow I chose is Crushed Pineapple PPG1213-7 from Voice of Color. This color is part of the 2017-2018 Global Color Palette. The white I wanted to keep crisp and industrial so I went with very little added color and used Snowbank 1043-1. I had it mixed in semi-gloss Manor Hall Interior Alkyd, which is perfect for metal, will be extremely durable for a high traffic area, and take the wear and tear of the children using the console table for storage.

The drying time of an alkyd based paint is longer than a latex, and a bit smellier of course, so I had to do the painting outside/ in the garage. But the durability is really important on this piece.

Crushed Pineapple PPG1213-7

Vintage locker entryway table

The rough sawn 2″ oak top was all Justins idea as well. The backsplash was a happy accident, as the lumber wasn’t quite wide enough to fit. I think it really adds character.

2' thick oak tabletop

I was careful not to sand the oak top too much as I wanted to maintain the rustic markings from the plainer.

refinihsing vintage lockers

The locker doors are totally functional too! Rather than painting in all the nooks and crannies I used a bit of adhesive wallpaper I had left from the kitchen (more on that to come) from Walls Need Love. It was such an easy solution!

Using vintage lockers for storage

The locker cubbies hold a plastic basket from the dollar store perfect so we can use the console to store just about anything. It will be perfect for toques and mitts when the cold weather comes around.

Vintage Locker Console Table

Doesn’t the Vintage Locker Console Table fit so well in the entryway?! I can’t wait to show you the rest of the space.

The oversized canvas above the locker cabinet is from Shutterfly. I took the photo last summer, it was totally unplanned. One of those days the kids were dressed cute, the sun was shining, and I happened to have the camera in the car when we out for a drive… and they actually cooperated. I didn’t ask them to pose this way, they were just lovin’ on one another! The colors seemed so fitting for this space. I do miss the gallery wall here a bit, but I’m sure another one will pop up in the house somewhere.

Oversized Canvas from Shutterfly

I’m a little bias, but aren’t these little blondies cute?

Let’s have a look at the Vintage Locker Console Table before and after…

Vintage Locker Console Table Before and After

I’m so happy how my house is coming together. Its so fresh and bright and really looks like me now. You’re going to be so surprised how bright and cheerful it is, stay tuned!

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