free Cactus Mittens knitting pattern for beginners- One easy pattern to fit all sizes

I love knitting. I don’t take near enough time to do it, but as the weather gets cooler and I’m spending a bit more time in front of the tube, I need to have something to keep my hands busy- knitting is the winter winner! This free mitten knitting pattern is a favourite of mine I learned […]

How to make a heart shaped wreath form for only $2

Cupid season is only a month away, and we’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day around our house. You know this wreath loving fool needs a lovely number to adorn the door so a Valentine’s wreath was in order! I shopped for a heart shaped wreath form but like all others they are crazy expensive (and […]

Make these pom poms quick with this simple trick from fynesdesigns.com

How To Make a Pom Pom

January 10th, 2014 | Crafts, Learn How

We’ve all seen a dozen tutorials on how to make a pom pom. However, most I’ve seen have you poor souls wrapping a single lonely strand of yarn for what probably seems like hours, or wrapping the yarn around your hand, which doesn’t make a very tight pom pom. There are tools out there to […]

beginner 1 Hour Cowl

Let me set things straight from the get-go. I am not a crocheter (is that even a word?). I most certainly know my way around a ball of yarn when it comes to knitting, but I can’t read a pattern to save my life, so my crocheting skills haven’t progressed past the basic stitches. Enter Crochet Beginner […]

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