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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Patio Look Fantastic with Home Hardware

Get ready for summer! Here’s How to enhance your outdoor space and make your patio look fantastic —no expert needed.

Create a Outdoor Oasis- tips to make your Patio look Fantastic!

With longer days ahead and the sunshine coming out of hiding, it is finally time to get outside and enjoy the weather.

Create a Outdoor Oasis- tips to make your Patio look Fantastic!

A major patio refresh was in order this year. The deck needed to be stained and the old patio furniture was beyond repair. 

How to update your old patio

This year I teamed up with my friends at Home Hardware to put together an outdoor oasis. We want to get the most of our outdoor living space and inspire you to make your patio look fantastic too! 

Here are 5 Easy Ways to Make Your Patio Look Fantastic 

1: Get Your Outdoor Space in Order 

The first thing when planning an outdoor oasis is to assess your space. Plan any repairs necessary so you have a good base to last throughout the porch and patio season. For me, this meant scraping and staining the deck.

Beauti-tone Wood Shield Best deck stain

The deck boards themselves were in good shape, it just needed a fresh coat of stain to bring them back to life. I used BeautiTone Wood-Shield Best Acrylic Solid Hide Stain in the colour ‘Blackboard’. A neutral base and a crisp contrast against the white siding. I prepped the deck by scraping any loose debris with a wire brush and removing the loose pieces with a straw broom. 

2: Pick the Perfect Patio Look 

Chances are you’ll want to coordinate the look of your patio to the vibe and style of your home. Take note of the colours surrounding your home and landscape. 

• How will pieces work in shaded, covered and open areas of your property and patio space? 

• Will you create a space that is casual, modern, or a mix of styles? 

• Do you require a patio umbrella, a pergola, or another method of providing shade? 

Answering these questions can help determine the look you’re trying to achieve. 

Tips to create a stunning outdoor oasis

3: The Right Patio Furniture 

The furniture really sets the stage for the function and tone of your patio space. Home Hardware has a variety of styles to choose from.

Tips to create a stunning outdoor oasis and get that patio you always wanted

Is your space confined to certain dimensions, or can you expand to create different zones for dining, relaxing, cooking, and/or entertaining? Taking into account how you wish to care for your furniture during the off-season can help narrow down what is right for you. Where my house is white, I chose grey furniture to keep with a neutral base to allow for the freedom to introduce colours with accessories and flowers. 

Patio furniture options from Home Hardware

4. Add Throw Pillows and Accessories 

Throw pillows and accessories are the perfect way to add a pop of colour, interest and a bit of texture to your outdoor living space.

Patio furniture options from Home Hardware

Home Hardware has a beautiful selection of outdoor pillows to choose from, sure to match your style. In addition, draping a few throws around or having a basket of blankets is a great way to keep everyone outside longer when a chill sets in. An attractive rug underfoot will help define your space and create a comfortable zone.

Create a Outdoor Oasis- tips to make your Patio look Fantastic!

The best new accessory I added was a Thermacell Mosquito Repeller. This sleek rechargeable machine fits inside my hands and covers a 20ft radius to tame the mosquitos and make sitting and dining al fresco much more enjoyable! 

Thermacell mosquito repellant covers a 20' radius

5. Add Some Ambiance 

Setting the mood may sound a bit cheesy, but introducing the right lighting, comfort and sound can take a bland patio to one that family and friends can’t resist.

Great accessories to add charm and ambiance to your patio this summer

Consider adding string lights, a beautiful battery or solar-powered lantern, or bring in some warmth and natural light with a wood or propane fire pit.

Create a Outdoor Oasis- tips to make your Patio look Fantastic during the day and night!

Turn on your favourite playlist and you have all bases covered! We chose to add ambiance with a fire table.

Add ambiance to your outdoor living space with a propane fire table

This is a new luxury to us, and take it from me, it adds such a fun element to our patio. I was hesitant to think we were forgoing a coffee table, but this is the best of both worlds!

Create a Outdoor Oasis- tips to make your Patio look Fantastic!

The convenient cover allows for complete flexibility when the fire isn’t in use to use it as a typical table. Plus, the added height is perfect for casual dining. 

New patio fire tables double as a coffee table when not in use

Bonus Tip: Decorate with Flowers 

Flowers are really nature’s decoration! Plants, flowers, and shrubbery can help define your zones, add beautiful colours and really infuse your space with life. Don’t worry if you don’t have the space for expansive garden beds, pots and planters are all you need! 

Tips for creating a stunning outdoor oasis. Patio furniture and plant ideas from Home Hardware

Boston ferns make a strong green base and then I added begonias to accent the pink front door. As the season extends, I’ll include a few more hints of pink and white to tie everything together. I hope you feel inspired to get your outdoor spaces ready for the season.  

Love my outdoor oasis? Check out my Home Hardware page to get your hands on everything! 

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