Sharing The Fynes Summer Smiles

That’s it folks, summer is officially over.  tear

I sent my baby off to big school this morning tear, tear, tear.

Off to big school

It just got real, so on this teary-eyed morning I thought I should reminisce about some of the ultra fun times we had over the summer. I made a commitment at the first of the year that I would take time to enjoy (read all about it here), and that is just what we did!

We cruised the lake with Grampy on his new boat


We visited the exhibition (two different ones) Rode the rides, got our faces painted, and as my tight waist band suggests we ate lots and lots of yummy treats!


We went camping more than one time (which hasn’t happened much in the last few years), played on the beach, jumped the waves, dug really deep holes, and soaked up the sunshine.


We got our toes wet as often as we could. Ruby took swimming lessons and did so well. She passed 4 levels in one summer!


And we played with cousins!  Stayed up late playing Barbies into the wee hours, and all the other girly things they could think of. Poor Levi had to play along! 


Notice the common factor in all these photos? The kids are grinning ear to ear. They had so much fun, we had to capture the smiles, it was so nice to slow down and take time to enjoy them.

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I hope you soaked up every minute of summer. Happy back to school, I hope your little ones got off well!

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  1. What a great summer you had – you are so lucky to live so close to the ocean! And I feel the same way about it all coming to an end…sniff sniff… P.S. How adorable is R? SO CUTE!

    1. Thanks Jo-Anna, we did have a lovely summer. We’re lucky we have ocean on both sides of us. One side is sandy like in the photos and the other is wharfs and fishing communities, we are really fortunate to have such beautiful landscape!

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