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Ryobi North- Canada 150 Easy DIY Bench

In honour of Canada 150 (for you non Canucks, Canada is celebrating its 150th Anniversary on July 1) Ryobi Canada gave the Ryobi North team the challenge to create something that we felt is ‘truly Canadian’. I did a lot of thinking, of course I instantly wanted to make a maple leaf sign, that’s kinda my jam. Then I thought something for hockey or maybe some way I could incorporate Maple Syrup into a project for the kitchen, but then my ah-ha moment hit! I thought I’d share How To Build and Easy DIY Bench. Now maybe you’re scratching your head wondering how a bench relates to Canada, but hear me out…

Easy DIY Bench tutorial.Perfect for the Lake

Did you know of all the natural lakes in the world, more than 50 percent are situated in Canada, that’s over 31,000 lakes people!! Lake life is a big part of our culture here in Nova Scotia. We’ve had a cottage on the lake since I was a child. It is where we spend our spring hunting for frogs, and new life;  summers splashing in the water, paddling around in the canoe, and holding on for dear life behind the motor boat; the fall taking in the breathtaking colors of the landscape changing as the colder weather begins to set in; and when the water turns to a sheet of glass it’s where we lace up our skates and put our sticks to the ice.

Easy DIY Bench tutorial.Perfect for the Lake

But how is one to do all those amazing lake activities without a spot to sit down and enjoy it all?

You need somewhere to set your pail as you run back down the shore for another frog adventure, a place to kick off your flip flops and drop your towel right before you cannonball off the end of the dock, an oasis on a quiet morning to sip your coffee and listen for the loons while you watch the sun creep up from the horizon, and most importantly a dry place to perch while you lace up your skates!

Ryobi North- Easy DIY Bench tutorial. Perfect bench for the Lake

This DIY Bench is a perfect beginner project. I really wanted to keep it simple, and create a piece that was sturdy, and functional, but still appealing. I like to think of it as an industrial modern style with the sleek lines and galvanized pipes. I have faith anyone could build this project with the right tools.

For this project you will need:

Ryobi North- Easy DIY Bench tutorial. Perfect bench for the Lake

The colored pressure treated lumber makes it so you can complete this project in just about an hour! The galvanized pipes give it so much support there are very few steps to building this project.


Ryobi North- Easy DIY Bench tutorial. Perfect bench for the Lake

Like I said, having the right tools is really the main factor that makes building this Easy DIY Bench go so quick to build. I just got my hands on the new Ryobi ONE+ONE 18-Volt 10 in. Cordless Brushless Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw. This new mitre saw uses 2 ONE+ 18-Volt batteries rather than plugging in. That means you can take it right to the lake and build your bench on site, with no extension cords! Plus it has a dual bevel design allows you to move the saw, not the material, for faster and more accurate cuts. I’m pretty much in love!!

I’ve put together step by step instructions with photos to build this Easy DIY Bench. CLICK HERE FOR THE PLANS.

Ryobi North- Easy DIY Bench tutorial. Perfect bench for the Lake

I can’t wait to see you at the lake!


Ryobi North

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  1. Love it!! Such a great bench. Using the pipes as shoe storage is brilliant! It must be awesome to have this on the dock. I’d never want to leave. 🙂

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