Decoupage DIY Halloween Apothecary Jars

October 8th, 2013 | Crafts, Learn How, Seasonal

DIY Halloween Apothecary Jars from #MSHalloween

I’m very excited that October has arrived and my decor can shift from fall to Halloween! We all know that Martha is the Queen of Halloween, so when I had the chance to get my hands on some Martha Stewart Decoupage fit for spoooooky Halloween Crafts I just couldn’t say no.

You’ll be so surprised how easy it is to create these Apothecary jars that you’ll consider opening your own festive pharmacy!

I found this a great assortment of glass jars at a yard sale, just begging to be given a new purpose!


For this Decoupage project you will need:

-Vessels of choice, mine are glass

(this medium creates a durable finish on glass, fabric, paper, metal, and wood)

-Martha Stewart Decoupage Multi-Surface Matte Finish

-1 pkg. Martha Stewart decoupage paper cutouts

-Decoupage Brush


 This decoupage project really is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Prep your bottles. Give a good wash, and a rub with alcohol to remove any residue. Punch desired labels from your Martha decoupage paper-cut outs.

2. Using Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Durable Matt Finish decoupage medium, brush a thin coat on the area you intend to stick your label.


On a scrap paper lay your label face side down and brush a thin coat on the back. Apply the label. Brush directly over the label with a small amount of finish (*a little goes a long way*). decoupage-label

To make the bottle look like it contains eyeballs, I applied the decoupage medium to the front side of the eyeball cutouts and overlapped them on the back of the bottle.


3. Using a damp rag, wipe excess medium off of the bottle, as close to the label as possible. Allow to dry approx 3 hours or overnight.


Fill your bottles with creepery and get working on your spells!

I used water, food colouring, dollar store bats and spiders to fill my jars.

Martha Stewart Halloween Apothecary labels- DIY Decoupage project. Make in minutes! #MSHalloween

The decoupage medium is dishwasher safe, machine washable, non-yellowing, drys hard with no tack, can be used indoors or out, and is available at Michaels.

Halloween vignette- DIY decoupage Apothecary jars #MSHalloween

Fynes Pharmacy is your one stop shop for prescriptions, potions, and poison!

DIY Halloween Apothecary with Martha Stewart decoupage- *Tutorial* Create in 3 easy steps  #MSHalloween

Disclosure- This is a sponsored post. The ideas, photos, and opinions expressed are my own.

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