Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring: Why You Should Consider It For Your Cottage

Luxury vinyl plank flooring has become increasingly popular in recent years, it’s a versatile and practical choice for many different types of spaces, including cottages. There are several reasons why you might want to consider luxury vinyl flooring for your cottage or lake house.

Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring in a light and airy cottage bedroom

LVP is a popular choice for lake houses because it’s waterproof, low-maintenance, and available in a wide range of styles, including wood and stone looks. It’s also comfortable to walk on, can handle heavy foot traffic, and is easy to clean!

I recently put Golden Select Rigid Core Engineered SPC Vinyl Plank in our new cottage. The colorway is Light Oak and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Luxury Vinyl flooring in a light and airy cottage

Why Choose Golden Select Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

  • The realistic appearance of Golden Select LVP is created with high-definition printing technology. The textures and patterns are very convincing and each box contains several pattern pieces to avoid repetition.
  • Golden Select luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring is 100% waterproof, which means it can be installed in areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements without worrying about moisture damage.
  • Cleaning and maintaining this type of flooring is a breeze. Regular sweeping or vacuuming, along with occasional damp mopping, is typically all that’s required to keep it looking great.
  • Golden Select LVP comes with a pre-attached 1 mm foam underlay that provides some cushioning and makes it comfortable to walk on.
  • Designed for easy click-and-lock installation. If you enjoy DIY projects, you can save on installation costs by doing it yourself. Read here to learn more about LVP over a concrete basement floor.
  • Golden Select offers a wide range of styles, colours, and patterns to choose from, allowing you to find a design that suits your aesthetic preferences.
Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring in a light and airy cottage bedroom

Advantages Of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Choosing the best flooring for a lake house involves considering factors like durability, moisture resistance, ease of maintenance, and aesthetics. Lake houses are susceptible to water, humidity, and outdoor elements, so it is crucial to select a flooring material that can withstand these conditions. 

Luxury Vinyl flooring in a light and airy cottage kitchen
  • Durability: Luxury vinyl flooring is highly durable, making it ideal for cottages that often see heavy foot traffic and may be exposed to the elements. It can withstand moisture, scratches, and daily wear and tear.
  • Water Resistance: Most luxury vinyl options are water-resistant or even waterproof, which is especially important in a cottage environment where spills, wet swimsuits, and damp conditions are common.
  • Easy Maintenance: Luxury vinyl is easy to clean and maintain. Sweeping, vacuuming, and occasional mopping are usually all that’s required to keep it looking good. This is convenient for a cottage where you want to spend more time enjoying your surroundings and less time cleaning.
  • Aesthetics: Luxury vinyl comes in a wide range of designs, including wood, stone, and tile looks. This means you can achieve the look of natural materials without the maintenance hassles. You can choose a style that complements your cottage’s interior design.
  • Comfort: Luxury vinyl often has a softer and warmer feel underfoot compared to other hard flooring options like tile or hardwood. This can enhance the overall comfort of your cottage space.
  • Cost-Effective: Luxury vinyl flooring is typically more affordable than natural materials like hardwood or stone. This can be a budget-friendly option for cottage owners looking to upgrade their flooring without breaking the bank per square foot. 
  • Resilience: Luxury vinyl is known for its resilience, meaning it bounces back and doesn’t show indentation marks easily. This is beneficial for furniture and heavy items in your cottage.
  • Warmth and Insulation: Luxury vinyl often provides better insulation and warmth compared to hard tile or stone floors. This can be especially important if your cottage is in a colder climate.
  • Versatility: Luxury vinyl can be installed in various ways, including planks, tiles, or sheets, allowing for creative design possibilities. It’s also suitable for different areas of your cottage, from bedrooms to living rooms to kitchens.
  • Longevity: When properly maintained, luxury vinyl flooring can last for many years, making it a wise investment for your cottage.

Read more about Vinyl Plank Flooring Pros and Cons here

Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring in a light and airy cottage bedroom

What is another name for Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Luxury Vinyl Flooring may be referred to as:

  • LVP- Luxury Vinyl Planks, 
  • LVT– Luxury Vinyl Tile floor 
  • LVF– Luxury Vinyl Flooring

 Regardless of the acronym, it is all the same product, what might vary is the shape pattern or texture.

Are Luxury Vinyl Plank and Vinyl Plank Different?

However, there is a slight difference between Luxury Vinyl plank and Vinyl Plank. Luxury Vinyl flooring offers a more cushioned and comfortable feel underfoot, along with enhanced sound insulation compared to traditional vinyl flooring. This is particularly noticeable when utilizing luxury vinyl with integrated cork or foam underlays. In terms of comfort, high-end luxury vinyl often surpasses laminate flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring in a light and airy cottage bedroom

Where to use Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVF): 

Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVF) is a versatile and popular flooring option that can be used in various settings throughout your home or cottage and even in some commercial spaces. Here are some common areas where you can use LVF:

Luxury Vinyl flooring in a light and airy cottage kitchen

Ideal Areas to Use Luxury Vinyl

  • Living Room: LVF can add a touch of elegance and warmth to your living space. It’s durable and easy to maintain, making it suitable for high-traffic areas.
  • Bedrooms: LVF is comfortable underfoot and can create a cozy atmosphere in bedrooms. It’s also relatively easy to clean, which is a plus for bedrooms. 
  • Kitchen: LVF is water-resistant, which makes it a great choice for kitchens. Spills and splashes are common in this area, and LVF can handle them without damage.
  • Bathroom: LVF is also suitable for bathrooms because of its water resistance. Be sure to choose LVF with a waterproof core for added protection against moisture.
  • Basement: Due to its resistance to moisture, LVF is often used in basements where traditional hardwood or carpeting might not be suitable.
  • Entryways and Mudrooms: These areas can see a lot of foot traffic, and LVF can handle it regardless of the season while being easy to clean.
  • Playrooms: LVF is a good choice because it’s comfortable to play on and can withstand the wear and tear that often comes with children’s activities and toys.
  • Dining Rooms: LVF can add a touch of sophistication to your dining area while being easy to clean in case of spills.
  • Hallways: LVF can be used in hallways to create a seamless look throughout your home, and its durability can withstand heavy consistent foot traffic.
  • Laundry Room– Because LVT is a waterproof vinyl plank flooring option, no need to worry about heavily soiled clothes or wet swimsuits and towels being left unattended or the fear of a leaky machine or flood. 

Luxury Vinyl flooring in a light and airy cottage kitchen

Luxury plank flooring is a versatile and popular choice for waterproof flooring. It comes in various styles, including planks and tiles, and can mimic the look of wood, natural stone, or tile.

Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring in a light and airy cottage bedroom

LVF is easy to clean, durable, and can withstand water and moisture without warping or damage. It comes in a variety of textures, colours, widths and lengths.

Graphic- luxury vinyl plank, why you should consider it for your cottage

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  1. The flooring looks incredibly realistic! I’m really impressed with the color and shade. Once we finish up the other tasks at the cottage, we’re considering purchasing vinyl flooring for it too 🙂

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