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January 8th, 2015 | woodworking

The Fynes house is slowly getting back into the swing of things, organizing like most is on top of our list for this month. To be honest is a bit of a daunting job. I think every room has one  area that needs major attention. I decided not to overwhelm myself and start small. The bathroom has been taken over by my jewelry, and since Santa gerously brought me 4 new necklaces and a bunch of earrings it was only going to get worse, so a Jewelry Organizer was a must on my to-do list.

How to build a easy DIY Jewlry Organizer

There are loads of jewelry organizing ideas out there. Cabinets to buy, things to repurpose, and lots of plans for DIY jewelry organizers (like this fabulous design from Shanty to Chic, this easy solution from Lil Luna, or this attractive idea from Charming in Charlotte).

I wanted to create something that was a bit of all of those ideas combined- not too hard to build, attractive and most importantly easy on the pocket book.

How to build a Jewelry organizer in an hour

I actually pulled this together with things I had in my workroom from previous projects. The pine board from last months DIY Vintage Sled, the knobs from the DIY Stocking holders, and trim from the birch centrepiece.

How to build a DIY Jewelry Organizer

build a jewelry organizer

The design for this Jewelry Organizer is quite basic. I started with a 1 x 10 x 18″ pine board (if I were to make it over I think I would make it 22″ long. You can buy 1 x 10″ by the foot, so it is quite inexpensive, a Metrie concave trim board (an 8′ piece is about $5), and paint stir stick.

  • Using a mitre saw cut the trim board according to the length of your pine board. Adhere to the outer edge of the board with wood glue and secure with your air nailer or small finish nails.
  • Cut the paint stick according to the width of your main board. Drill small holes along the length of the paint stick 1/2″ apart, using a jig saw cut the edge of the board to meet the holes.
  • Using a small block of scrap wood raise the earring board along the bottom of the pine board. Attach with wood glue and a nail.
  • Fill nail holes and sand to finish.
  • Drill pilot holes for the cabinet knobs and hooks (mine are from D. Lawless Hardware)
  • Paint with desired color. I used Voice of Color Sweet Nothings (PPG 1140-2), and Delicate White (PPG 1001-1) for the trim.
  • Attach the cabinet knobs and hooks to finish the jewelry organizer.

diy easy jewlery organizer

Can you believe how simple that was?! I love how it turned out. I think the Sweet nothings color really made it pop!

How to make a jewelry organizer very easy!

I only included a storage solution for dangling earrings as I don’t wear them as often, I have a little dish for my studs.

Jewelry storage solutions

How to build a easy DIY Jewlry Organizer

The glass knob hardware from D. Lawless Hardware  looks like jewelry itself, isn’t it so pretty?

How to build a easy DIY Jewlry Organizer

This jewelry organizing solution is perfect for my small bathroom, and really cleans up my insanely cluttered bathroom windowsill!

Thanks for visiting today, I hope you’ve got 2015 off to a crafty start!

See the whole bathroom here

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