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Cute Easter Bunny Wall Hanging Tutorial

Cute Easter decoration ideas from fynesdesigns.com

Happy March Break folks!  Our house is a hustle and bustle of week-off excitement. What better to do than whip out some holiday decor and get geared up for Easter? I must say I don’t like two holidays in one month, my St. Patrick’s Day LUCKY sign and my 4 Leaf Horseshoe Clover sign are going to have to go away all too soon. Today I have a fun craft project to show that will brighten up your home and get you all excited for spring. This Cute Easter Bunny Wall Hanging is perfect for a sewing project idea for a beginner.

Cute Easter Bunny Wall Hanging from fynesdesigns.com

This DIY project was so easy to create. The fabric I used is unbleached cotton (about $4 a meter) I used a half a meter. Fold the fabric in half, and create your Easter design on one side.  I borrowed a trick from the folks over at  AKA Design (Step3) for creating the bunny silhouette.  I do have a die cutting machine, but I don’t have a Peter Cottontail, once it was traced to my looseleaf I cut it out. I then traced it onto the fusible web I had ironed onto the back side of the bunny fabric. Iron it to the background.   Using my die cut machine (Cindy Loo) I cut out ‘Happy Easter’ from vinyl and painted with Martha acrylic.

Easter bunny Silhouette how to

Creating an Easter Bunny Silhouette

I used the stretch stitch (usually the second stitch on your machine)to outline Mr. Bunny Fou Fou.

Painted Muslin Easter Bunny wall hanging from fynesdesigns.com

Use fabric glue to adhere the May Arts Grosgrain Ric Rac to the bottom edge. The butterflies (also from May Arts) are attached with a glittery brad poked right through the fabric. When the design is complete (ribbons, painting and bunny appliquéd) fold fabric right sides together and sew the side seams.  Turn right side out, sew ribbons to the top edge.

sweet Easter bunny wall hanging #easter #holidays #spring #easterbunny

  The hanging stick is a dowel and wooden balls I picked up a Michaels, just use a dab of wood glue to add the pre drilled balls.

I hope  this project has got the wheels tuning for your holiday craft projects too!  Have a colourful day!

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  1. So cute! Thanks for the shout out for the tracing tip!

  2. Crystal Allen says:

    Very cute Virginia!

    1. The ric rac is from May Arts, they have so many great colors! Thanks

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