My Convention Style- #BeckandBoosh Jewelry Giveaway

I mentioned at the start of the week I’m heading to a paper crafting convention this weekend. I’m over the moon excited to meet up with my crafty ladies! Today I’m happy to share the look I’ll be sporting while away on my mini vacay.

Plus give you a chance to WIN my nautical inspired jewelry look from Beck and Boosh.

I’m slightly hesitant to talk fashion, because I don’t think of myself as trendy. I like to keep up with the haute looks, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that my body type will flatter them (ie. the crop top is big this spring, can’t see this body workin’ that?!)

Recently I seen this sign in a Reitman’s store and it kinda spoke to me… basic fashion feeling

and that is when I realized that fashion and style aren’t only for people that are 7 feet tall and have well defined cheek bones.

It’s about feeling confidant and rocking your look.

 Without further ado, check out my flattering, effortless, sexy, modern, totally comfortable convention style!

convention style look from Fynes Designs. Enter to WIN the nautical inspired jewellery

Day 1 Outfit- I’m mixing a few older pieces with some new. I picked up this Gap Chambray dress in the fall, but then the snow fell soon after and it certainly wasn’t dress weather, I’m just pulling it back out! Banana Republic has a few similar Chambray dresses right now. Pairing it with my Old Navy coral cardi, Call It Spring Leather boot, and a Jo-Totes Betsy camera bag (you know I’ll be snap happy this weekend). To complete my Day#1 outfit I’ve chose 4 pieces from Beck and Boosh– Anchor Studs, Feather Wrap Around Bracelet, and an Anchor necklace.

Conference styleDay 2 Outfit- I also got this little Aeropostale blazer in the fall and haven’t given it much love, this sleeves were a bit long but a quick hem and its back in business! I recently discovered these Curvy Fit Skinny Jeans from Smart Set, they are roomy in all the right places, but still perfectly skinny! Plus I got the Embroidered Peplum Top from Smart Set too. Cute Ankle boots from Aldo, and a mint handbag from Heys. I’m layering the Beck and Boosh Anchor and Starfish necklaces with this outfit, double awesome!

Conference style from fynesdesigns.com

Lets be honest here, there is a good chance that Day 3 (drive 4 hours home day) is going to be yoga pants and a tee!

Here is the good part… Enter below to WIN this Nautical inspired jewelry from Beck and Boosh, perfect for Spring!

Win 4 nautical inspired pieces from beckandboosh.com enter to #win

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. brittaneetomkow says:

    I love the starfish necklace the best! Always wanted something like that.

  2. The blue anchor ring is so stylish!

  3. You are such a fashion plate, Virginia. I guess I better look thorugh my clothes now so that I can “bring the look” too!

  4. Great outfits V. Can’t wait to see them in person this weekend!

  5. Marlene O. says:

    What a great sense of style you have. I’m doing a scrapbook of my life and a recurring theme is my lack of a sense of style. My mother had it in spades, even when in her late 80s so maybe it’s not too late for me.

  6. Here from Jonas´s mom.
    You look Fantastic and what a smile. Regard to your nice Family and Jonas 🙂

  7. I actually love the feather bracelet that you’ve featured here. You look great!!

  8. You look adorable in both outfits! Aeropostale is my daughter’s favourite store and I have never seen anything there as nice and adult-like as that cute grey blazer.

  9. Joyce Ackley says:

    I like the hammered silver double hoop drop earrings. I also like the abalone ring.

  10. Mitra Pratt says:

    SUPER LOVELY! I wish I was going! I know how much fun you are and that you are really trendy! hugs!

  11. I like the leather leaf braclet. Have fun!

  12. My wardrobe is sad…I have mostly jeans & paint splattered tees and sweatshirts. You make it look so easy to update. Love the jewellery!
    Debbie 🙂

  13. Allison M. says:

    Great pieces! Off to check out their site.

  14. All the jewelry is very nice and affordable

  15. I want the ring so bad! Love the looks. 🙂

  16. settingforfour says:

    Pretty jewelry! Great giveaway too!

  17. Shana Langley says:

    I Love all of the Nautical Collection!!

  18. Darlene Schuller says:

    I really like the Sahara Tassel Bracelet.

  19. I like the Oval Adjustable Bird Ring!

  20. I am loving the nautical look this season.. so trendy!!

  21. The arrow necklace is really nice

  22. I really like the arrow necklace.

  23. Rod Jackson says:

    I like the brass peace necklace.

  24. I really do love the Anchor Necklace but I also love the Sunset Wrap Bracelet and so many other gorgeous pieces!

  25. Christine says:

    I LOVE all their jewelry… especially their bracelets! I have to say that the Feather Wrap Around Bracelet is my favorite!

  26. Suzanne G says:

    I really like the Tibetan Wrap Ring

  27. Juliee Fitze says:

    I like the Zig Zag Cuff

  28. Love the starfish necklace! It was so great to meet you this past w/e and to see your lovely outfits in person!

  29. I’m headed to Europe on a 2+ week trip, and these are some treat travel outfit ideas as well!

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