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Summer Wreath Idea- Swimsuits on the Clothesline

Since we’re in the dead heat of summer and Canada Day has passed I had to get down my spring wreath and outfit the front door with a new summer wreath.

Swimsuit clothesline wreath- super fun

The one good thing that came from hurricane Arthur was some crafty time (but I still have no internet, I have to camp out at my moms when I want to connect ).

Nothing like unplugging for 4 days to give a girl some much needed time with her craft supplies.

However, you don’t realize how heavily you rely on a glue gun and a sewing machine until you can’t used them, or lights since there is no windows in my craft room. I had to find everything with a tiny flashlight, which since my craft room looks like a hurricane ripped through there, was quite a job.

This swimsuit wreath was 100% made old school style with a little needle and thread! But please save yourself some time and use a sewing machine. Fun wreath idea- Tiny swimsuits on the clothesline

To make the swimsuits I freehand drew a swimsuit and shorts on paper and cut them out to use as a pattern. This swimsuit clipart would work as a template to make the tiny swimsuits.

This wreath is simple, but super cute but it did take me a few hours to make, I’m sure by using a sewing machine you could shave a lot of time off that!  Either way you choose to sew, it’s a cute wreath and it was good to brush up on my hand sewing!Sew tiny swimsuits for a summer wreath. Cut a facecloth to use as a small towel

To create the wreath base I used a 12″ wreath form from FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam wrapped in strips of aqua fabric (which I held in place with stick pins until I could plug in my glue gun). These foam forms are available in sizes ranging from 3-1/2″ to 36″, you could make the wreath as big or little as you wish.

Sew these tiny swimsuits to make your own fun summer clothesline wreath

To string the clothesline I used May Arts Ribbon Kraft bakers twine and hung the wreath with May Arts Chevron Twill ribbon. The tiny clothespins I picked up at Michaels in the party isle, and the little bow was in the fun finds.

Sew these tiny swimsuits to make your own fun summer clothesline wreath


I love how this swimsuit wreath turned out, the summer inspired color combination and patterns are so fun!

This weekend is my annual scrapbooking weekend, I’m so excited for all these wonderfully crafty ladies to join me for a weekend of scrappy fun. Be sure to join in by following the hashtag #fynesfun. I can’t wait to show you what I have in store for them.

Big thanks to these blogs for featuring this summer wreath-  I heart NaptimeLolly Jane, Life After Laundry, Maybe She Made It, The DIY Dreamer, Happiness is Homemade

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is the cutest summer wreath! I just love it. Sharing, for sure!

  2. Super cute! Love how this turned out!

  3. OMG, this is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a very long time!! The detail is unbelievable. This little clothes line would look adorable in a bathroom or little girls room too.

    1. Great idea Melissa, the whole time I was making it my little girl was asking if it could be for her!


  5. Stopping by from Work it Wednesday. I love this idea! Adorable and very talented with that needle and thread 🙂 I would probably use Barbie & Ken swimsuits, LOL

  6. This is so adorable! Love the tiny swimsuits!

  7. I absolutely adore this! I have done a similar wreath with paper baby clothes for a shower, but this is even cuter.

  8. This might be the cutest summer wreath I have ever seen!

  9. Super cute… I am featuring you tomorrow. Thank you so much for linking up with us!

  10. Virginia – this is ADORABLE. I love it! You are the most patient crafty woman to make all of those little swimsuits and towels. Pinned!

    1. Thanks Tara, what else is a girl to do with 4 days of no power!

  11. I love it so unique and different thanks for sharing visiting from bewitchin project block party have a great week

  12. Oh my word…..this is just the *cutest* little thing! I love it! I have no idea how to sew, but maybe I could even do something like this with a little hand sewing. Thanks so much for sharing! Now you’ve got the wheels a-spinnin’ in my head. 🙂

    1. I made this with hand sewing! Of course machine would be quicker, but the power was out! Give it a try!!

  13. This is adorable and I am going to have to make this! Pinning it until the day I can. Thank you

  14. This is so stinkin cute!!!! Thanks for sharing at Tips and Tricks!

  15. So flipping adorable! I love it. Thank you for liking it up to The Creative Collection Link Party! Have a great week.

  16. This wreath is seriously SO stinkin adorable! And the colors are just stunning and work so well with one another–you’re a Pro!

    Thanks for linking up at the Bewitchin Projects party this week! I can’t wait to see what you link up again next week over at OurMiniFamily.com!

    ~Cathy Mini~

  17. This is adorable! Where did you get the tiny swimsuits? I don’ t know how to sew 🙁 I wonder if Barbie outfits would work… Thanks so much for sharing!! You did such an awesome job!

    1. Barbie outfits would totally work! You could even just cut out the swimsuit fronts from fabric with interfacing, that would work too! Thanks for visiting!

  18. Polly Housley says:

    Adorable, and I have a couple of quick questions. Did you actually make these from spandex, and how did you finish the leg holes, arm holes, etc? Did you use a fabric glue to turn them under, or did you stitch them?

    1. these little suits are actually made from cotton fabric and the arm/ leg holes aren’t finished. Since once they are attached to the wreath they won’t be touched. If you wanted to iron on a piece of interfacing before cutting them out, it would keep from fraying also.

  19. Ok, this is seriously too cute! You know it’s summer when wet bathing suits are hanging to dry 🙂

    I stopped by from Inspiration Monday.

  20. HI this is such a darling idea, I LOVE this and am sharing on Facebook later today. Thanks for sharing at our Something to Talk About Link Party n have a great week, Lisa at Concord Cottage

  21. How adorable!! I love your little swimsuits! This would go great on our deck when we put in our pool next year! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Love all your summer wreaths but this swimsuit clothesline is so stink’n cute! I’m featuring it this weekend at the DIY Sunday Showcase Party.

  23. How cute it this!!! Thank you for sharing at Share it One More Time… Tammy

  24. This is super adorable Virginia! I love it. I am impressed you made each of the little swimsuits. They turned out so cute!

  25. HA! I love this wreath. What a fun idea. I bet you had a blast with all those mini swimsuits. Very clever. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty – we’re looking forward to what you have to share next week. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  26. Your wreaths are so cute! I love the little swimsuits! I wonder if I could do this with scrapbooking paper too?! I may have to give it a try. I love your Welcome Aboard wreath too!

  27. This is so perfect for a summer cape house! How adorable, maybe I’ll make one for my in laws.

  28. This is absolutely darling! Thanks for sharing on Sunday FUNday! Sharing on my FB page! Hope to see you at this weekend’s party!

  29. LOVE this!!! Did you make the clothing out of paper or fabric? What type of fabric?

    1. I made them out of fabric, just regular printed cotton, you can press interfacing on the back to avoid fraying

  30. Sania Farooqi says:

    Hi, can I ask where u get those tiny/thin wooden clips? are the 25mm long and how thin are they?

    1. They were just from our local dollar store. They are very petite

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