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DIY Ribbon Storage Rack Tutorial

DIY Ribbon Storage Rack Tutorial featured by top US craft blog, FYNES DESIGNS: What a great way to repurpose that old VHS movie stand

I’m sure you can imagine the amount of ribbon a Ribbonista would acquire. But what do we do for ribbon storage? We decided to share all our ideas with the May Arts Ribbon Organization Hop. Welcome aboard!  Today I have a special ribbon storage idea to share. A while back I picked up this VHS movie stand at a thrift shop for 10 bucks!  It was a little shabby looking, but sturdy. With a little TLC and elbow grease I whipped it into craft room worthy shape and turned it into the perfect DIY ribbon storage rack.

Have a look at the ribbon rack before and after:

DIY Ribbon Storage Rack Tutorial featured by top US craft blog, FYNES DESIGNS: before and after VHS stand to ribbon organizer

The movie stand was all black which wasn’t going to jive with my bright new craft space, and it had no back. I gave it a coat of white paint and spray painted the metal rods. You may remember the back board from my Easy No Measure Chevron post.

I had considered buying a few carousels to sit on the top, but with a little work from my craft slave  hubby, he was able to add a few rods with cute pulls on the top for about $15! He threaded the top of the rods so the finial just twists off, when access to the spools is needed. There is enough space to add three additional rods along the front of the shelf, when the time comes.

DIY Ribbon Storage Rack Tutorial featured by top US craft blog, FYNES DESIGNS: Ribbon storage idea from an old VHS rack

I started to organize my May Arts ribbon by color, but to maximize the space a few rolls had to be placed out-of-order. As my collection expands, the tall spools will rest along the back of the rods and the shorter spools can be put on the posts on the top.

DIY Ribbon Storage Rack Tutorial featured by top US craft blog, FYNES DESIGNS: ribbon organization idea from fynesdesigns.com

I use paperclips to keep the ribbons from unraveling. I before had used stick pins but my kiddos little fingers could pull them out too easily, plus sometimes the pins leave a little hole, or snag.

DIY Ribbon Storage Rack Tutorial featured by top US craft blog, FYNES DESIGNS: Use paperclips to hold ribbon on rather than pins that will snack silk ribbonI do my best to keep the samples and small pieces on cards and ravelled up, but I won’t lie, they sometimes get a little crazy!


My ribbon rack is FULL! Its currently holding 150 spools of ribbon! Can you believe an old VHS rack would give that much ribbon storage?! This was the perfect solution to organizing my ribbon spools, but now I need to hunt for another!

DIY Ribbon Storage Rack Tutorial featured by top US craft blog, FYNES DESIGNS: Turn an old VHS stand into a Ribbon storage rack. Its holding 150 spools!

DIY Ribbon Storage Rack Tutorial featured by top US craft blog, FYNES DESIGNS: This old VHS stand holds 150 spools of ribbon!

What do you think of this ribbon storage idea? Do you have any special way of organizing your ribbons?


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  1. Oh my word aren’t you just the smartest gal eva!!! I love this Virginia!!!!

  2. Barb Wagar says:

    Wow what a great idea for people on a budget. These come into our thrift store all the time and could be converted so easily! Thanks for sharing your storage solution!

  3. Oh My I really like this idea,and adding the rods to the top was a brilliant idea! I have to say your Craft Slave(LMAO) did a wonderful job,my fiance say he’s glad he isn’t the only one who gets these strange crafty job requests…thank you for sharing!

  4. AWESOME! Can’t believe the before and after! Who would have ever thought…. a movie stand?!! You’ve got me looking at old, run down or discarded items a whole new way! Loving it!

  5. AWESOME! Can’t believe the before and after! Who would have ever thought…. a movie stand?! You’ve got me looking at old, run down or discarded items a whole new way! Loving it!

  6. TracyM #6773 says:

    WOW – you and your handy hubby have done a wonderful job – your storage is so cheery and practical too!!!
    Hadn’t thought of using paperclips before – thank you for this clever idea 🙂
    My ribbons all too often get in a tangled mess, so I have started putting the loose ones into resealable bags … too early to tell if it is going to work yet.

  7. Great job on transforming this old piece into something beautiful and practical. Love the ribbon rods on the top. Your craft slave done good!

  8. oh do I ever love those gorgeous holders at the top with the finials! your hubby did good! 🙂
    great idea with the paper clips, too.

  9. Love how you recycled a shelving unit! Love the dowels too, My mom stores some of hers like that too! We are both Ribbon LOVERS!! 🙂 hehehehehe

    thank you for sharing 🙂

  10. Amy#8546(TheTigersHaven) says:

    Oh…Wow.. This is really nice. I love it!!! I love the ribbon rods your hubby put in place for you too. What a great idea. One of my favorites for sure. Very creative. Love it….Oh I said that already. LOL…Thanks for sharing. HUGS

  11. Verna Angerhofer says:

    I love your storage idea. I can see I need to check thrift and auction sales for ideas on storage. It is so cool the way you recycled a movie stand and created an attractive storage area for the ribbons. Mine are in baskets and loose ones in a drawer. I saw a hint from Sandy about your storage so was anxious to see what you had used.

  12. Miriam Prantner says:

    What a great piece! Looks fantastic and love that there is storage up top!

  13. Marilyn Tucker says:

    I think this is my favorite storage idea so far! Too bad I don’t have the room for it.

  14. Totally digging the upcycled VHS stand, that’s an awesome idea!

  15. What a great makeover of that shelf!! And the pretty ribbons even make it nicer!!

  16. I love this! the crystal topped columns are a fabulous idea! love this!

  17. My favorite ribbon storage solution; you are so creative! I love the knobs on the top of the spindles, so sophisticated and classy.

  18. What a gorgeous thrift shop find! I love the standing rods with the drawers pull/finials on the ends. They look super classy.

  19. wow–love your snazzy ribbon storage.

  20. What a fabulous ribbon keeper you have made! I will have to watch for one of these.

  21. Thanks for joining us at Social Sunday, new follower ~ Paula

  22. thanks for sharing your storage ideals… like that upcycled shelf.
    ava g

  23. Dang, I knew I shouldn’t have sold the VHS stand before I moved! What a gorgeous idea!

  24. That is awesome! I do a lot of scrap booking and those ribbons are such a pain to store!

  25. I love it. My husband has an awful media cabinet full of CDs in our loft. I don’t even know if we have a device to play CDs other than a computer anymore. I have been thinking about stealing it and making it into crafty storage…. you may have just inspired me. Can I send my mad husband your way? 🙂

  26. Thank you for the huge inspiration. Really picked up some great ideas for my own old furniture

  27. Stopping by from Craft-O-Mantic. Such a great idea for ribbon storage! Definitely pinning this for future reference! Thanks for sharing!

  28. This is such a clever idea!! I love how you customized it with paint, too. Thanks so much for sharing on Project Inspire{d} this week!

  29. I love this! I especially love the vertical spool storage! The angled ones just don’t seem like an efficient use of space! Awesome job!

  30. Such great and cute ribbon storage! So glad you linked up to Give Me The Goods Monday! Can’t wait to see what goods you bring next week! Hope you have a great weekend! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  31. I could just kick myself – I saw one at a garage sale a few weeks ago. Great repurpose!

    Hugs, Smiles & Blessings,

    Fluster Buster
    Creativity Inspired by Frustration

    1. Now you know to keep your eyes peeled! I can’t imagine anyone has a use for them these days!

  32. I’ve been eying those at thrift shops, but couldn’t quite figure out how they’d work since I was thinking of putting the cross-dowels through the spools. Maybe I’ll get one and hang it on the wall behind the door. Thanks for posting this!

  33. So much pretty ribbon! I love your storage system. We’ll be featuring this over at Someday Crafts tomorrow. We’d love it if you’d come on over and take a look!

  34. Oh, I need to do this so badly. I love ribbon, that’s all there is to say! Would love to win more, of course! Love your idea!

  35. Love this idea! I’m going to keep my eye out for one to replace my latest ribbon holder!

  36. I love this! know my mom has a movie rack like this that she isn’t using. I’m going to try to talk her into letting me transform it. Thank you for the idea!

    1. Welcome Leslie, I hope you’ll stick around to enjoy my DIY and craft projects!

  37. This is awesome! Who woulda thought? Thanks for sharing!

  38. Amy Peters says:

    Love the whole room! My favorite though, the simply genius paperclips on the ribbon!

  39. Wow, this turned out so great. Definitely jealous of your collection of ribbon!

  40. Thank you, thank you, luv luv luv…took me 5 mins.

  41. Oh I need one of these! Love it!! I would love for you to share this at my link party Making Memories Mondays going on now! There’s a great cash giveaway too!

  42. What a brilliant way to handle those unruly spools. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the #homemattersparty. We love having you!

  43. I’m a newbie at craft and looking how to set my craft room, this is sooo beautiful and it’s a super great idea thank you for sharing your idea.

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