Easy DIY Rolling Pin Wall Art

September 8th, 2014 | Home Decor, Learn How, Wall Decor

As you know I’ve been a busy beaver doing a little makeover in my kitchen. As with any home project there has been a few set backs, but its coming together and I should have it all sparkling and ready for the big reveal really soon! While I’ve been waiting for a few things to arrive I’ve been working on some kitchen wall decor. This piece of wall decor is so easy to recreate you’ll be so impressed with yourself!

Easy DIY Kitchen Rolling Pin Wall Art

My kitchen makeover has a modern farmhouse vibe. I’ve been putting a lot of pieces gathered from my Aunt’s farmhouse into it, mixed with some more modern pieces and colors.

This Easy Kitchen wall decor piece doesn’t take many supplies. If you can turn a screwdriver you have all the skills you need!


  • A piece of wood Measuring 16- 18″ in width, and long enough to accommodate the amount of rolling pins you have. My board measures 18″ x 24″. The board I used is the side-out from an old desk. A cupboard door, or a finished piece of plywood would work great!
  • 2 Clothes Hooks for each rolling pin. These can be found at any hardware store, or Walmart.
  • Screwdriver
  • A ruller/ tape measure and a pencil


How to make this DIY Rolling Pin Wall Art

  1. Space your rolling pins evenly on the board to determine how far each set of hook should be. The hooks on my wall art are spaced 12″ apart vertically and 4 1/4″ apart horizontally.
  2. Use the pencil to mark where the hooks should be placed.
  3. Put the hooks in the appropriate spot and use the included hardware to screw the hooks in place.
  4. Hang your rolling pins on the hooks to create an easy piece of kitchen wall decor!

Easy DIY Kitchen Rolling Pin Wall Art

As you can see, the barrel of two of my rolling pins are a bit too big to fit down in the grooves of the hooks, craft fail   I’m on the hunt for a few different ones to complete my rolling pin wall art.

Easy DIY Kitchen Rolling Pin Wall Art

This piece of kitchen wall decor seriously took less than 20 minutes to put together and only about $10 for the supplies!

A DIY craft success in the kitchen decor department! I’m super excited to share my other kitchen ideas with you, shouldn’t be long now!

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