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Add Spring to Your Space: 20 Fabulous Spring Paint Colors

Ahh, Spring is finally in the air!

I’m ready to spring clean, and freshen my spaces. Recently I’ve been drooling over pretty pastels while I’m in Easter mode. I hauled out my paint decks in search of the perfect Spring Paint Colors. If the colors don’t have your spring loving heart singing the names sure will!

Spring inspired paint colors for PPG Voice of Color

I used to think that soft pastel colors were only for baby or powder rooms, but now I love bringing spring into my space. It makes everything feel fresh, and relaxing (like summer break is just around the corner).

Just look how these spaces incorporate these Spring Paint Colors into their rooms, so pretty!

Pastel paint inspiration

source- bedroom, pink table, blue hutch, yellow room, lilac vanity, teal bench, mint room.

Wether you’re incorporating these colors by painting an entire room, accent wall, a piece of furniture or a striking piece of art, you’re sure to be pleased with this soft color palette.

Spring Paint Colors from PPG Voice of Color

20 Fabulous Spring Colors from PPG Voice of Color

  1. Swan Lake 201-2
  2. Tulip Pink 136-3
  3. Delicate Daisy PPG1117-1
  4. Fresh Lavender PPG1170-5
  5. Strawberry Rose 235-2
  6. Butterfly Bush PPG1214-4
  7. Spring Bud 306-2
  8. Bunny’s nose 132-2
  9. May Apple PPG1225-5
  10. Spring Blossom PPG1216-3
  11. Spring Waterfall 251-3
  12. Spring Mist 456-2
  13. Spring Lilac 345-4
  14. Easter Bonnet 238-4
  15. Sunbeam 112-3
  16. Pink Peony 240-4
  17. Spring Rain PPG1137-1
  18. Grassy Meadow PPG1223-6
  19. Easter Egg 347-4
  20. Frosted Tulip PPG1188-2

Fresh, fresh, fresh, my eyes are screaming for the snow to melt and get these colors into my home, it will be like spring year round!

I’d love to hear how you would incorporate these colors into your spaces?

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  1. Those colors are so fresh!

  2. LOVE! Thinking about the colour for my office in the new house. So many to choose from!

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