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North Pole Free Christmas Cut Files

I love free cut file day!   I created these North Pole Free Christmas Cut Files months ago, and have been storing them away for just the right time. I love sharing my designs, check out my ETSY shop for SVG files and licenses to these cut files.

Free Christmas cut files featured by top US craft blog, Fynes Designs: North Pole Trading Company sign

Free Christmas Cute Files: North Pole Trading Company Sign

First up I have this vintage inspired North Pole Trading Company sign. My first idea was to create a toy factory sign, but as the wheels got set in motion it evolved into this beauty.

Free Christmas cut files featured by top US craft blog, Fynes Designs: North Pole Trading Company sign

Wouldn’t this sign look great at your entryway, or on a shed in your yard?!

I painted a second North Pole sign in a bit different of a color scheme to go in my dining room.

Free Christmas cut files featured by top US craft blog, Fynes Designs: North Pole Trading Company sign

Free Christmas Cute Files: Santa Supply Co.

I couldn’t just stop at one cut file, I had to use both my ideas! I initially created these Silhouette cut files to create some unique Christmas tags, but the paint brush got the best of me!

Free Christmas cut files featured by top US craft blog, Fynes Designs: Santa Supply Company sign

I really can’t decide between these free Christmas cut files which I like the best!

Free Christmas cut files featured by top US craft blog, Fynes Designs: Santa Supply Company Sign



To get these files in other formats and purchase a commercial license please visit my ETSY shop.

cut files featured by top US craft blog, Fynes Designs

Free Christmas cut files featured by top US craft blog, Fynes Designs

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*This free Christmas cut files post may contain affiliate links. I will make a small percentage of a sale if you choose to purchase an item.

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  1. Hi!
    I don’t understand how to get the download…I’m so sorry to ask! I LOVE these designs…thank you for sharing! I’m confused with the $ choice when I know they are free designs. Thank you in advance for helping!

  2. Hi, Virginia…I was able to download the North File file (I have absolutely no idea how…haha), but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to download the Santa Supply Co. 🙁 I know I briefly saw your post on one of the FB cutting sites that you were fixing a code. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Your files are BEAUTIFUL, and thank you so very much for the thoughtful free files! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Jill at frankenfield22@msn.com

    1. There are two separate links, be sure to click both! Good luck

  3. These signs are so cute! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Hello
    I too am not understanding the download process. The files are advertised as free, but when you try to download you need to enter a fair price. Can you please confirm if the file is still free ?

    1. yes free, just click enter, you can leave the denomination as it.

  5. Hi Virginia! Thank you so much for these. They are so cute! When I opened the Santa Supply one, the “Supply Co.” font turned to Arial. Can you let me know which font you used so that I can fix it? Thank you!!


    1. So sorry Laura, you should have got a new file from gunroad, please PM me if not and I;ll send it to you!

  6. Hi Virginia,
    I’m having trouble downloading these cut files. Is it because of the server change and I should just wait a bit longer, or is there something you can suggest? I love your design style. Just finished two of the Santa sacks, and they’re gorgeous. Thank you!

    1. Sorry you were having trouble, it should be available now. I’d love for you to share a photo of your bags on FB, thanks!

      1. I got it to work. I was leaving the field as zero, but I actually had to type a zero in the box.

  7. Do you use these files as a template and paint your signs? I love the first one how it looks faded and not like typical vinyl.

  8. Virginia, you’re the queen of the cut files, love them!! Thank you for sharing!
    I am featuring this next Tuesday at our party Two Uses Tuesday, don’t forget to stop by and grab your button 🙂

  9. Thanks for sharing with us at #Throwback Thursday. Hope to see you again this week.

  10. Oh both of these signs are amazing! Thank you for sharing. #twousestuesday

  11. These are absolutely beautiful signs! I want them both, but since it is the week before Christmas, I will have to settle for only making one this year! Thanks so much for sharing the files for free. You are amazing 🙂

  12. christine says:

    I cant get the second file to add to the cart and cant get them without a pay box popping up, can you email them to me?

  13. Hi! Your designs are gorgeous! I am wondering if they are for personal use only, or if I could use them to create wooden signs for my small business. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ashely, Please use the files for local fairs etc, but please no online sales.

  14. i love this file! i am in a cricut group on facebook. someone posted the link to this blog as it mentioned getting it for free. i was hoping to obtain but am willing to pay if need be. i wanted to also say that there is/was a link posted to an etsy store as someone selling. i dont know if its your shop. i noticed there are other files that i know to be from other sources. please let me know if i can get either of the Christmas files in this link. they really are adorable. p.s. do they come in svg form? i cannot use silhouette files 🙁 thank you.

  15. I am in love with these signs! I want to make them, but I do not have a silhouette machine or a cutter. Can you advise on who could or where I could have these cut? They are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

    1. You might try Michaels stores, they typically have a classroom machine

  16. Anita McCutcheon says:

    how can i use this for a cricut ?

  17. I LOVE your signs but unfortunately can’t open the download since I don’t have a silhouette!! Beautiful!

  18. Becka Dean says:

    Do you have these available in an SVG file? I cannot use studio3 🙁 . I would be willing to pay a small fee!

  19. Hello, I was wondering what font you used to make the two S’s in the Santa Claus words. I am a stickler when it comes to certain fonts and I love the S’s.

    Thank you

  20. Hi Virginia! Thank you so much for the cute cut file. I have a question…. When I saved it, it comes up on my silhouette, however, it’s like you painted it. I’d like to cut it like a template and paint as well, however, I’m not sure how to do that. I’m a newbie. I tried to select (trace) and cut, however, I’m not sure that it will come out right, as when I do the filters, the reindeer gets a little messed up. Suggestions? Thanks again! Love your sight!!!

    1. I just have the letters filled in, it should work fine to cut as is

  21. I’m a year late……but……LOVE the sign! Your Santa Sacks were a hit with my grandsons last year! Looks like another Fyne Christmas! Blessings!!

  22. How can i download these? I LOVE them!

  23. I know I’m 2 yrs late to the party 🙂 but I love this! However, I have a Cricut and can’t use the silhouette file. I’ve tried downloading but it doesn’t seem to work. I can’t open in any program. Am I doing something wrong?

  24. Is there a way for you to save these as SVG files; i have a circuit and cannot use them as they are for silhouette users. thanks

  25. Michelle McDonnell says:

    Hello Virginia,
    I know these are old files and I am not even sure you will see this message but I love the designs but I can’t figure out how to download. After clicking the link, it sends me to a google drive which doesn’t download. For the second image, it made me request access to a google drive account.

    I am hoping you see this and can help me resolve this issue

  26. Debbie Merten says:

    Can I just buy the stencil already cut by you?

  27. Hi love the Northpole sign and cannot see link to download please explain where to find it! Getting a new Cricut maker and so excited to make this for my daughter in law!

  28. Kimberly Harris says:

    I just discovered your amazing christmas signs. I love, love what you have designed. I’d really love do to the Sleigh one but i can’t seem to access the file. can you email it to me or give me your permission.

  29. Hi Virginia! I just came across your blog post and am IN LOVE with your designs here! Are they no longer available, or am I just silly and don’t know how to complete the process? It is trying to make me sign in with my Google account? If they are still available, can you possibly email the files?

  30. Are the links no longer working? I just tried and it had me request access.

    1. sorry this file is no lone=ger for sale. It is available in my Etsy shop.

  31. Amber Peters says:

    Hi, I stumbled across this on Pinterest. When I click to download it Google tells me that access is denied. Is this no longer free? Thank you so much 🙂

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