laundry room

built in laundry room with instock fixtures from The Home Depot

It’s so nice to have my laundry life back in order (er, create some order in the laundry room), I’m so excited to show you what has been going on behind the scenes. My laundry room ideas are quite simple, considering the space is only 66″ wide there wasn’t a lot of room to get fussy. […]

Laundry Room Color inspiration

This past week I’ve been a busy beaver working on the new laundry room design. I’m very happy to report it is all finished and ready to take on a heavy load! I’m so excited to share it with you, but first I wanted to talk about the colors I used in this new space. […]

Laundry Room inspriation

I’ve been a busy little house beaver these days planning home updates and painting everything I can get my hands on! Next up is a Laundry Room Makeover. Like most spaces in our home, they are finished to move in state, but nothing more, livable but not necessarily functional or pretty. Let me show you… Yup, looks […]

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