AIRBNB Makeover Project

Since buying the restaurant this past spring my biz partner Lauren and I have had plans on the back burner to also convert an upstairs room into a Airbnb rental. The room isn’t much, but would be a great place to hang your hat if you were in town for a night or two… considering there isn’t a hotel near by.Fixing up an Airbnb rental

We currently use the room when bands come to play at The Union Street. We’ve recently crammed a few more beds in the space so hopefully no one has to bunk together… although we have seen up to 8 grown men share this room, lol! After rearranging 25 times, I think we have a configuration that will work to have the maximum amount of sleeping space plus the little fridge, microwave, and coffee pot, afterall do you need more with an awesome restaurant just downstairs?!

Choosing paint for Airbnb

Of course the first thing on the list when I’m thinking a makeover is the paint… my favourite part!

I wanted to share one of my secret weapons when it comes to the planning stage of a makeover, PPG Voice of Color offers FREE 8×8 samples!! It is so easy to take advantage of this free tool, it will make choosing the perfect shade 1000 times easier.

How to get FREE 8×8 paint samples from Voice of Color

First you’ll need to visit Then navigate to the digital color tab, and click on BROWSE ALL COLORS (unless you already know the color swatch you know you wish to order, then skip this step).

How to order FREE 8x8 color swatches

At this screen you browse the colors Voice of Color has to offer in their regular line up. By exploring a bit deeper you’ll also find colors specific to regions, themes, and designers. By hovering over a color you’ll get the color name and associated number, and by clicking on a color you’ll be taken to another screen with a larger image of the color. If you like what you see, record the number for your ordering reference.


Once you have narrowed down your choices you can either click ‘order a sample’ as seen in the image above or click on the ‘For Designers’ tab and choose ‘Color Swatches’.


From here just enter your shipping information and the colors you wish to receive and in a few days you’ll have your FREE 8×8 or 4×4 samples at your door!


Having large samples really gives you a great idea what the color will look like in different lighting.

Order free 8x8 Color Swatches from PPG Voice of Color

And the 4×4 samples are perfect size for you purse when you’re out shopping for coordinating pieces!

FREE 8x8 paint samples

I’m still a bit undecided about the paint choices for this space, they are totally unlike anything I would typically veer towards, but the larger swatches are giving me a better idea. What do you think?


The bathroom is in bad need of some TLC, and some much needed storage space. I can’t wait to sink my fingers into this project!


Hanging your paint samples with washi tape won’t damage your walls. I suggest leaving them up for a few days. Observe the color swatches at different times of the day and during weather changes, you’ll then have a better idea of how the color will adapt to your space without having to paint a wall to see.

I can’t wait to show you the progress of this space, stay tuned!


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