Modern Farmhouse Colors from Voice of Color

September 10th, 2016 | Paint

We all know the farmhouse trend has been all the rage since the explosion of Pinterest a few years ago. Everyone has become a DIYer, and often the do it yourself hand gets a rustic spin, which lends perfectly to the farmhouse look. I’m so excited to share a collection of Modern Farmhouse Colors from Voice of Color.

Modern Farm House Colors inspired by Chip and Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper. Fill your home with this color palette to achieve a soft welcoming farmhouse look.

Modern Farmhouse Colors

Polaris | Silent Storm | Sunstone | Onyx | White Rock | Gray Stone | Phantom | Tangy Taffy | Frivolous Folly | Downpour | Intuitive | Freedom Found | Moss Point Green | Farm Fresh | Silvery Moon | Gray Heron | Scarborough | Dusty Trail | Whiskers | Bonfire | Solstice | Tornado | Azalea Leaf | Commercial White | Moonlit Snow

I think when my house grows up, I’ll fill it with these soft welcoming farmhouse colors from Voice of Color.

What space would you use these colors in? Maybe your whole home!

Fixer upper kitchen. Farm House inspired colors

Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper, have created some of the most beautiful spaces. They give a whole new meaning to shiplap, and classy modern farmhouse decor.

beautiful blue Azalia Leaf from PPG Voice of Color

They use such beautiful farmhouse colors that would work well in any space. Image credit.

Fixer upper kitchen. Farm House inspired colors

I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t feel calm surrounded by the colors in this Modern Farmhouse Color Palette. Image credit.

Fixer upper kitchen. Farm House inspired colors

Introducing a bold color or two into the space works so well with the other neutrals. For more farmhouse inspiration, check out Joanna on Pinterest or Instagram.

I think I can see Azalea Leaf and Downpour in my near future, how about you?

Check out my Farmhouse Kitchen


Modern Farmhouse kitchen reveal

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5 responses to “Modern Farmhouse Colors from Voice of Color”

  1. randy lane says:

    Hi Virginia, I love your pins as I am new to this I find your blog interesting. My wife and I are building a farmhouse and are having a difficult time picking exterior colors. She like whites and I like blues. We have a single story thats 73′ wide with a 30′ front porch and two dormers and large windows across the front. Any ideas about how we resolve this. Any suggections is well appreciated. Thanks Randy & Elizabeth, Rosharon TX

    • Virginia says:

      Hi Randy, Thanks for stopping by! Whites are classic for Farm house, and ultimately will never go out of style. But a deep navy with stark white trim would look really sharp! Tough question becasue it really does come down to personal taste. Have you tried doing a mock up using different colors? Voice of Color has a tool on their site that allows you to take a photo and try differnt colors, its really neat. Good luck!

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  3. Trish Daniel says:

    Good morning,
    Have you worked with any exterior stains? I am trying to achieve a warm linen exterior on pine rustic channel. My builder is strongly urging stain versus paint but I don’t know that I can achieve the richness I want.

I LOVE your comments

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