Use your leftover chicken to create this delicious Chimichurri and Sun-dried Tomato Chicken Zoodles dish

It can’t be all that shocking that my schedule is a bit on the bonkers side of things. As crazy as things get, family meal time is important to me, it’s top shelf in the priority department. After all, my restaurant business revolves around meal times shared together. However, as important as this cherished time […]

dining room Union Street Cafe

You may have been wondering if I disappeared since the holidays. Nope, not gone, just something really exciting in the works, there is an exciting forecast for 2016! If you’re following on social media, or picked up a newspaper in Nova Scotia in the last month you may already know I’m buying a restaurant! The […]

Easy to make DIY Marshmallow roasting sticks

It was garbage week here a few weeks ago. Unlike most places,  Nova Scotia has some pretty tight garbage laws. I’m not complaining I know its best for the environment, but there is only 1 day a year when you can dispose of big ticket items (‘big ticket’ spoken like a true garbage picker). I often find a few […]

No bake, 2 ingredient, weight watchers dessert. Tastes like yummy lemon meringue

It has been a long time since I’ve shared a waistline friendly recipe. This 2 ingredient, 2 point, no bake Lemon Weight Watchers Dessert is one of my favourites when I’m trying to behave. It is so easy to make, and always a crowd pleaser… let’s be honest, it really just has to please me! […]

Donair cups, Party appetizer favourite!

Donair Cup Appetizers

December 29th, 2014 | Recipes

I hope you all had a very happy holiday, I sure did! We spent Christmas at my moms lake house (where there is no phone or cell service) it was so peaceful to be unplugged, (maybe peaceful isn’t the word, there was 30 people there) a lot of fun had though! I’m still in Holiday […]

Easy to make Greek Meatballs a healthy party recipe

I love good party food, who doesn’t?! But I also love when I can still walk at the end of the night, which means finding easy healthy recipes to put into action. Enter this yummy Greek Meatball appetizer idea. I often serve these little morsels when I’m catering, they never last long! Greek Meatball Recipe   […]

The most delicious Caesar drink recipe

The title of this post may have you scratching your head if you’re a fellow Canuck, because we all know a Bloody Mary is NOT a Caesar. As you all know I recently came back from a state side trip. I’m not much of a drinker, but when I’m wearing my vacation shoes I like to […]

Trick your brain and satisfy your stomach with a smaller plate. Slow down your eating by using a smaller fork

Hi, I’m Virginia and I’m and overeater. I sometimes feel like I should go to AA.  I guess Weight Watchers is my AA. Same support team; same ‘quit what you’re doing to make your life better’ kind of atmosphere. I can’t lie, I love it. I tried other weight loss programs, and schemed up ideas […]

Perfect melted cheese #HeavenlyMelt

Growing up, onions were an essential in our house; you might even say a staple dish. My Dad can make the meanest onion sandwich you’ve ever tasted, and what’s a piece of steak without a buttery dripping mushroom and onion side! I’ve never lost the love for them, and even find most dishes blah without. […]

Stuffed Pork Loin

Easy Stuffed Pork Loin

February 7th, 2014 | Learn How, Recipes

Did you know I grew up on a hog farm?  Needless to say pork was the staple food in our household, and remains my favourite protein to this day. I have loads of great ways to put this versatile meat to use, but today I wanted to share one of my best- stuffed pork loin- […]

You'll be making lots of unique dishes after you read this quick tutorial via #meat #recipe #tenderize

I’m going to tell you right up front- there is nothing pretty about this post. The photos are of raw meat… yup just looked again- not pretty!  But I want you to know how to use a meat mallet, because I have a great recipe to go along with it, and well, its just not […]

The Easiest Brie Dip EVER! Less than 5 mins to prep!

We’re in the home stretch, only 2 more sleeps! With the hustle of last minute shopping, gift wrapping and baking, coming up with clever entertaining ideas often gets pushed to the back burner. I have a catering business so when I entertain most assume it is going to be the bomb dot com of yummy […]

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