Hello from Las Vegas

May 1st, 2015 | Review, Travel

Hi friends! I’m here in sunny Las Vegas having a bit of downtime with my Mr. Fynes, my mom and step-dad. It has really been wonderful and so relaxing (seriously relaxing, as we speak I’m sitting in the shade by the pool sipping a cool drink). Sad its all coming to a close but wanted to pop in quick to say hello, and share a few quick photos before I’m home and back to the grind!

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

I’ve been here a few days now and am really enjoying strolling the strip, taking in the lights, street artists, tasty treats, blue skies and sunshine.

Las Vegas from @ronhartly99

I actually can’t believe this city, the hustle and bustle ALL THE TIME (this coming from a gal that has 10 times more people staying in the condo than in our entire town). 

Vegas has so much to see and do. I’m so happy I’ve been able to capture a bit of it, thanks to my new FUJIFILM XA-2 DSLR camera.

Fuji Film XA-2 Digital Camera with interchangeable lens system

This sleek little baby has been the perfect travel companion! Light weight, superior image quality, super long battery life (not that I would ever slip it back into my bag still turned on), selfie ready with a 175 deg tilting screen, PLUS my favourite feature is the wireless transfer to my devices.

With the click of a button on the camera and one on my device, I can send my beautiful camera photos directly to my ipad or phone, making it perfect for sharing to all my social media on the go. I typically take a lot of my instagram photos by camera, this is such a perfect feature for any blogger. 

Plus, I can add different lenses to my collection down the road when I want to take my photography to the next level. The only thing I can say I didn’t like about this camera is, I wore a dress most of the time with no pockets so I didn’t have a place to put the lens cap. I guess I’ll need to make a new camera strap with a pocket for it! 

The Linq on Las Vegas Boulevard lights on the Vegas strip , captured with  Fuji XA-2 digital camera

Most of the photos I’ve taken on this trip are from the car window. I’m amazed how this camera captures them without any blur (awesome auto-focus), even with all the Vegas lights!

Effile Tower at Paris Hotel Las Vegas

I’ve taken in some really wonderful shows (Vegas the show, Jersey Boys and Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil) I wish you were allowed to take photos in the shows, those would be definitely worth sharing!

The Grand Canyon

On Thursday we took a road trip to the Grand Canyon. The 10 hour round trip was a bit much, but well worth the view! Unfortunately, a man fell over the edge while we were there, so the added commotion of the rescue crew made the whole thing a bit terrifying. Otherwise a breath taking view, that goes on and on. I don’t think a photograph or post card can even sum up the depths of this amazing landscape.

Grand Canyon landscape

The day was quite warm with a thick haze, but it didn’t stop the wildlife from swinging by for a visit!

Wildlife at Grand Canyon National park

One of the other features the FUJIFILM XA-2 that is on the top of my love list is the ‘Portrait Enhancer’ which makes skin look smoother and brighter. Who wouldn’t love to have amazing looking skin in their photographs? ah, yes please! And if you’re using the flip screen for a selfie, it activates the Eye Detection AF, which automatically focuses on the subject’s eyes. This allows you to shoot self-portraits that make the most of the automatic image quality without fiddling with the settings, say good bye to grainy phone selfies!

Las Vegas giant polaroid

It has been an amazing time here in Las Vegas, but I’m looking forward to seeing my babies!

I can’t wait to play with my new camera more, stay tuned I’ll have lots of fun images to share with you!

Goodbye Las Vegas

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