Branding your Small Business with Staples

May 21st, 2016 | Restaurant

As you all know by now (not like you’d notice my lack of being around these parts lately) my restaurant is in full swing. To say I underestimated the amount of work and time that would go into it may be a slight oversight on my part. I’m certainly not throwing in the towel here on Fynes Designs, but just getting into the groove with being away from the computer, and having to set aside specific blogging time. There has certainly been some growing pains getting on our feet, but we’re over the hump and I see smooth seas from here on out. One thing that has helped us tremendously is the on-going support we’ve seen from the community and business partners, like our friends at Staples.

Branding your Business, can be done in many ways. Of course amazing customer service is the first on our checklist, but beyond the restaurant walls we also want to have a certain image and were achieving it by creating a cohesive look with the help of Staples Copy and Print Centre.

Union Street Cafe Menu

First, let’s talk menus… In 2 months time we’ve had 4 printings of our menus. The Copy and Print lady and I are on a first name basis. We first started with a beautiful rectangular menu (same design) but we quickly learned that people thought they were placemats, or they were a 1 time use thing and put a big crease in them, or set their dripping water glass on them before they could be cleared.  At $100 a pop they were ruined in under a week. Then came wing night with round 2, white paper and BBQ sauce don’t mix, enough said.  Then shortly after printing 2 we came up with some new menu ideas, and still hadn’t come up with a sure solution for them getting ruined (we weren’t open to laminating, to maintain the image we are going for). Now on printing 4 we have a fold and it seems to be working perfect! All along the customer service at Staples was wonderful. You can either upload your files online and have them delivered directly to your business, or go into a retail location and have one of their staff assist you. To my surprise, they came folded, love it!

Union Street Labels

Since we do a fair amount of take-out lunches and catering, branding our business beyond our front door is important to us.  Staples has all the tools we need from stickers, labels, stamps, business cards, and more!

Union Street Labels

I’ve been slapping these labels on just about anything!


We also had a Union Street  stamp made for places a logo sticker just wouldn’t work. Great for envelopes, and labeling out takeout lunches.

Business cards from Staples Copy and Print cnetre

Using the online services are so easy! I was able to upload everything from the comfort of our office and have it delivered directly to our door in under a week!


Read or download our menu here, we’d love to see you in the dining room, or help out with your next event!

We couldn’t be happier with the progress we’ve made with our small business over the last 2 months. Currently we’re finishing some makeover updates outdoors then I can’t wait to reveal the entire restaurant; I hope you’re as excited to see as I am to share!

Be sure to visit for all your small busniess needs!

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Disclosure: This post was is part of a small business series with Staples. I was not directly compensated for these posts. All ideas and opinions are 100% my own. 

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