Remember those ‘choose your own adventure’ books from when you were a kid?  They were my favourite! Well, today’s project is a bit like that. I started out making an advent calendar, and by the time I was done I had came up with a completely different idea and I couldn’t choose which I liked best!

This project is advent calendar turned Christmas card holder, with a festive Tiny Prints giveaway!

Make an attractive Advent calendar or a #Christmas card holder from one simple pattern

This idea started when I found these fabulous festive labels from Tiny Prints. They are 100% personalized, so I decided to just get ‘December’ printed on them. Using numeral stamps I gave each one a day of the month.

Tiny Prints Labels, stamp to create a unique advent calendar

I then slapped on my thinking cap to figure a way to display them. I thought about clothespins or binder clips, but when I was cleaning up from a Halloween project I realized mousetraps are just like mini clipboards, and they would work perfect!

Mouse traps used to create an advent calendar

Remove a bit of the mousetrap hardware, and give them a coat of paint. I added a few strips of double sided mounting tape to give the Tiny Prints labels a firm hold.

 The building part I had my husband look after. He used 1″trim boards, you’ll need 2 x 8′ lengths, which will cost around $12. Use the measurements below to create your own stand. Then attach each mouse trap with a dab of wood glue and small finishing nails.

Moustrap DIY advent calendar or Christmas card holderI gave my stand a coat of walnut stain, but I’ll leave that decision up to you!

Mousetrap advent calendar from

Handmade mousetrap advent calendar, with tied muslin bags After I got that all done and tediously sewed two sets of bags (because I couldn’t decide which colour scheme I liked best), I thought it looked perfect. But then… I got to thinking I never have a good way to display my Christmas cards, and one thing led to another, and…

Perfect way to display your holiday cards. like these cute ones from Tiny Prints! I chose a new adventure! I simply removed the labels and added a bright red May Arts ribbon bow to the top.

What a simple switch to fix the ‘how store all these cards?’ holiday crisis!

Christmas tree Mousetrap holiday card holder. Click over to find the pattern to make this simple project!Doesn’t it look festive with all the beautiful Tiny Prints cards? How would you use it, as an advent calendar or Christmas card display?

Here is your chance to enter to WIN 50 Tiny Prints Holiday Cards of your own!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Need more inspiration how to use the  Tiny Prints Holiday labels? Check out more ideas like the Hot Chocolate Gift basket below, I shared on their blog.

Hot Chocolate gift basket set with a Tiny Prints label

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55 thoughts on “Mousetrap Advent Calendar or Christmas Card Display- Plus A Tiny Prints Giveaway

  1. Lyndsay

    I do love the advent calendar, but the card holder solves a Christmas ‘problem’ of how to beautifully display your Christmas cards.


  2. Toni Palmer

    I really really love your advent calendar for sure and I would have picked that one but then I realized every year am looking for away to show my Christmas cards off, I love getting them very much and they are so beautiful then when I saw it as a card holder I would def pick that one for that reason. Virginia I always knew how talented you were remember all the art stuff we did here like the coloring, crafts and , we always made cards for the family and all that stuff. You were just a little girl then, an extremely talented little girl now you are an extremely talented big girl


  3. Tiffany

    In LOVE with this advent! I’ve been searching for a person size creation to play a bigger roll as a decoration in our home! And I think I found it!!!


  4. Heather

    Well now! How did you know I’m working on making advent calendars today? Even one for the hubby! I’m thinking one of my apple pickin’ ladders would work too? How do you find the time??


  5. Kathryn Holt

    This is such a creative piece with the mouse traps, impressive! I to am always searching for creative ways to display cards; however, it may serve as dual function in our home. Thanks for this, V!


  6. G

    I can’t believe you turned something as ordinary and ugly as a mousetrap into a wonderfully creative way to display cards or use as an advent calendar, I love the advent calendars and with a teenage step daughter I’d love to do that for her, but I’m also partial to the card display….maybe I could. Figure out how to do both. Lol. I think it would be an amazing way to display other cards, particularily birthday cards as well. I need to get my cards made, I have the photos picked out, so would love to win a GC to make my cards look extraordinary this year. I’m loving the clear cards. Oh…..that might be another fun thing to do with this display, photos…… I’m definitely having my hubby build this for me…..thank you! And thanks for the chance to win!


  7. Angela Owens

    Love both Ideas!!! I have a brass circle with round clips I found several years ago which is great for the smaller cards! I usually put the bigger cards around my opened walk through in my house in Memphis but I’m back “home” in Georgia and have an open living room & kitchen with the built in bar with sink and dishwasher separating the area. I was thinking about taping them around the edges of the bar this year. I would rather have “something” like this for them. I love the “clips” for your Advent Calendar!!


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