Hi! I’m Virginia, I’m SO glad you’re here!meet-virginia

I’m the hands behind Fynes Designs! I have a wonderful husband, and am Momma to a pretty princess and a melt your heart blue eyed boy. I’m a true Canadian and live in the same community I grew up in. I am the baby of ten children, most of who live in the same community too, we are a close-knit family to say the least (I know what sharing a bathroom with 8 other people really means)!

25 Fun Facts About ME-

  • I’m 29, but recently when someone asked how old I was and I answered they said ‘oh wow, really I thought you were older! I just mean you’re so mature” does that mean I’m old for my age, or ugly for my age? Hummm…
  • I got married 5 years ago (August 9) whew, where does time go?
  • My husband and I are 9 years apart (8.5 from Nov to April). That means I was in grade 3 when he graduated high school- eeeww.
  • I have an education in Interior Decorating, and Animal Science- totally related eh?
  • In the year we were married we built a house, had a baby, and bought a new car- busy folks.
  • I grew up on a large hog farm, plus we had some horses, cattle, rabbits…
  • I loved every minute of being pregnant, both times.
  • I’ve never dyed my hair, probably never will.
  • I quit my job at Michelin to be a stay at home mom; I’m busier now than ever.
  • I love watching true story and historical movies, but never took history in high school, or any ‘hard’ courses now that I think of it.
  • I’ve taught myself everything crafty I know, with the exception of knitting (Thanks Aunt Shirley).
  •  My sisters (+Inlaw) are my best friends.
  • I’m a wanna-be exerciser but can’t seem to make it a daily thing.
  • When being crafty I like to make one of something and move on. I hate making things over and over. Learn it and leave it.  That’s why selling my work doesn’t work.
  • Worst job ever- rock picking, yup, that is a job.
  • If I could have any job (without having to go back to school) I would be a home-ec teacher.
  • It drives me crazy when my kids won’t look at the camera.
  • I hate laundry, mostly putting it away- and sorting garbage.
  • I like to save money for a big purchase but then hate spending the money because I don’t want to break the even amount (not that I have money just sitting around).
  • Navy blue is my favourite color.
  • Gummy candies are my weakness… and if you see me at a bowl of chips, for the sake of all other hungry tummies, please drag me away.
  •  I grew up on a hog farm; I’m the next best thing to a vet for hogs- labor and delivery, teeth removal, tail docking, castration (yes, you read that right), nutrition, artificial insemination (you read that right too)- did and done it all.
  • I’m always cold, especially my feet.
  • I love antique, thrift, flea-market and Frenchy shopping.
  • I totally depend on my mom for 1000’s of things- kids, catering, phone calls, money loans, connections, that’s what moms are for, right?

I LOVE the feeling of wowing people with something I have made or whipped up in the kitchen. I look forward to sharing my love and passion of crafts with you! I hope you’ll become a Fynes Follower!

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Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns, or ideas at vfynes{at}hotmail{dot}ca

P.S. I do like babies and surprises, can’t seem to find the right pair of high heels for exercising and mom gave up working on carbonators!